Hi, welcome to my home decor blog. I love everything about what a home represents, it’s a place where you spend time with the people you love, and the people who drive you crazy, it’s a place where mistakes are made, and happiness is found, a place of peace and comfort, a place of laughter and chaos, and most importantly a place where memories will be created for generations to come.

But, we all have a different idea of how we envision the look and feel of “home”. For some, it’s a farm house in the country, others love the city life with close by places to eat and shop, some want a high rise with views for miles, but we all want that feeling of “home”.

Looking beyond the intrinsic feeling of home, I have tried for years to create a “dream home” for my family and myself, and this has involved moving many times in an effort to find the “perfect space”. Each time we moved, I was constantly remodeling and redecorating in an effort to find “my style”. My style has developed over the years, and I’d like to share my projects, maybe I can help you find your style.  I invite you into my home and along my journey to find your perfect “happy haute home” .