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Before Taking “the Plunge” to Build a Pool House, Ask Yourselves these Questions

Deciding to build a pool house in our yard was a huge decision and one we spent a lot of time thinking through.

Just like the pool, we have wanted a pool house in our yard for many years. A place in the yard to seek shelter from the hot sun is a necessity in our region. We put a lot of thought into the design and deciding how best to utilize the space. We thought about placement, use, design, size, type…the list is long. Having lived in our home several years now, has given us a lot of time to think about all these aspects before “digging” in.

A pool house by definition is – a building by a pool, especially one with amenities for the use of swimmers. In reality, it can be anything you want it to be. A place to entertain, a place to change out of swim suits, or a place to store pool toys. Of course the most practical use of a pool house is a place to store the unsightly pool and spa equipment but these days, pool houses have turned into so much more.

Before Taking “the Plunge” to Build a Pool House in Our Yard, We Asked Ourselves Many Questions

These are a lot of questions to answer before deciding to build. Once you build, there are many other decisions you need to make..many of which will be covered in a later post. We thought long and hard about this for many years before deciding to build a pool house. We have thought through many aspects of building a covered space and  we have faith in our decision. This is similar to when we were thinking about adding the pool, I did a lot of research. We asked ourselves similar questions before building our pool. It also helps that we have a lot of friends with pools and pool houses, so we have been able to draw on those resources and ask questions before making a final decision on design.

Talking with friends who have pools and pool houses, discussing the options with different pool companies and contractors and deciding on what we really want in our yard and what is the best design for our needs has helped us narrow down our choices. Because, let me tell you, just like deciding on a type of pool, the choices are endless. For many, budget will dictate the type of options available and thus narrow the field considerably.

Things to Consider when Designing an Outdoor Kitchen will also help guide you if you thinking about creating an outdoor space or you can watch the video HERE.

If you have been following along, you know already that we have selected a design.

via Pinterest

Our pool house will be open on three sides and have a pergola area on the left and the right. Deciding on this design as our final decision wasn’t easy as there are so many beautiful choices out there.

Links at bottom of this post for full reveal of our Pool House. How close did we get to our inspiration photo? 

Let’s take a look at a few others.

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There is a vast variety of pool house designs from which to choose, the first decision to make is open or closed? Do you want to be able to use the pool house year round, in that case you will want to add heating and cooling, along with plumbing, a bathroom, electricity and hooking up to the sewer system.

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This pool house is enclosed but may only provide room for seating and hanging out, thereby eliminating the need for an HVAC system.

via Pinterest

An enclosed pool house with a dome to add structural interest.

via Pinterest

Another enclosed pool house. It’s hard to tell what the inside is being used for..but perhaps just seating?

Let’s take a look at some open options.

via Pinterest

A open structure with latticed sides, most likely for added privacy, and pergola wings providing extra patio space.

via Pinterest

This structure is rather hefty in size. It provides seating and protection from the sun, there appears to be a door on the left side..which may lead to storage or a bathroom?

via Pinterest

A more common type of pool house is the pavilion style. A structure of posts and a four or five sided roof. You can customize the interior to add anything your heart desires: fireplace, kitchen, TV, bar, the possibilities are limitless.

via Pinterest

This pavilion style is notching things up a bit, with a pergola in front of the structure adding design and architectural interest.

via Pinterest

Ok…so this is much more than most people would do for a pool house but I love the up lighting.

 via Pinterest

Talking about those options…a large fireplace, kitchen, seating and a dining area.

via Pinterest

A very pretty architectural design, but the uses look a bit limited. Seems to only provide protection from the sun and a seating area.

So many options out there and so many decisions to make. At this stage in the pool house build process, we have narrowed down our choices and wants to include a fireplace, dining area, kitchen, bathroom with shower and a storage unit.

Update on our Pool House Build!

The final reveal is HERE, check out the Youtube video of our Pool House reveal or read the post HERE!



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