How to Remove Paint from Carpet & Plastic

As careful as I tried to be during a recent painting job, I couldn’t avoid tracking white paint on our midnight blue carpet. We had the room covered in plastic, but I still tracked wet paint that fell onto the plastic to the carpet. My husband pointed it out, I hadn’t even noticed, I was busy admiring my new paint job! But when I did take notice of the spots, it drove me nuts and I had to remove them some how, and I thought for sure it would be very difficult if not impossible because the paint had dried. Continue reading “How to Remove Paint from Carpet & Plastic”

How to Clean Range Hood Filters

Today I am ¬†going to show you a very easy way to clean your range hood filters. I am going to be honest with you, I have never cleaned any of our range hood vents…ever! They went for years collecting grease and grime and as a result, didn’t perform as well as they would have, had the filter been clean. Hmmm, maybe that’s why the smoke detector kept going off!

Continue reading “How to Clean Range Hood Filters”