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Super excited to tell you about a new service being offered right here at Happy Haute Home!

I started my blog in 2016 as a fun way to connect with people and share inspiration about my design projects with others. Over time, it has grown into a forum where I am often asked for design advice on various projects or more information about a project I completed. While I am happy to answer basic questions about my projects or yours, some inquiries require a considerable amount of time so I came up with a solution to accommodate these more time consuming projects and ones that require more details.

Over the years, I have often been asked whether I offer design consultations, home staging and interior design. While I have dabbled in a few of these areas, I have not had the time to devote to any one in particular.

Up until now, I have been insanely busy with life and raising two kids. We have a daughter ready to go off to college and a young teenage son, soon to be in high school. As our kids grow, I am finding more time on my hands to devote to other things.

Several projects in our home have taken up an enormous amount of my time, such as our pool and pool house project. I’d like to share all the knowledge I gained about the process with those interested in building a pool but are lost with the process. I’d like to help you finish designing a space you have started but stopped due to frustration.

I am ready now to explore more options and help others with their design projects. So, I am pleased to announce that Happy Haute Home is ready to offer online design advice!

How Does it Work?

The service offers personalized advice through video consultations. You can ask for advice on a home project you are working on, advice on paint colors, layouts or whatever you want relating to your project.

You can also ask me for advice on any of my projects. I get daily questions about our pool and pool house. During our sessions, I can answer your questions about building a pool or pool house and get more into the specifics relating to the build.


Why a One-on-One Consultation?

Are you thinking about a gut renovation or a room in need of a refresh? I can  guide you in creating a fully-realized space that you’ll love living in and give you a fresh perspective.

You can show your space over video, put together a presentation with photos and/or links to walk through over screen-share, or simply chat and take notes. The time is yours to use however is most helpful for you.

The countless decisions of home design tend to be time-consuming and costly. Booking a consultation makes the process easier – and more fun!

How Does my Service Differ from E Design?

My service is based around a video consultation where I offer guidance, advice and support to those starting a design project. E-design generally offers a specific set of deliverables, such as precise mock-ups, room design or layout.

Presently, I am not set up to provide these types of deliverables like a floor plan, layout or fabric swatches but I am happy to provide guidance if you have such questions.

How Long are the Sessions?

You can book a session for either 25 minutes or 55 minutes.

Is this Type of Service Right for me?

This service is best for those who have an idea of how they want to DIY a space and want a second opinion. Or if you have a room plan or design in mind but need help getting over the finish line without signing a contract or paying a retainer fee with a design firm.

Is this service similar to the service offered by The Expert?

Yes it is. At the expert, you get advice from world renowned design professionals but the cost if reflective of the names. Starting at $600 for a 25 minute session is pricey and can go as high as $2000 for a 55 minute session.

How Much is a Session with Happy Haute Home?

I’m glad you asked. A 25 minute one-on-one video session is $150 and a 55 minute session is $250 plus a 6% PayPal fee.

How do I Get Started?

  • Send an email to to book a session time.
  • You will be asked to summarize what you are looking to achieve in the session.
  • Download Zoom for free on your desktop, tablet or mobile device. After booking, you will receive a link and details on how to join.
  • Join the video call! Get expert advice, support and guidance from yours truly.

I am in the process of setting up an online payment system to carry out the transactions, more details to follow. But in the meantime email me at

Look forward to hearing from you and working with you on your next project!

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