“One Year Blogiversary” – What I Have Learned & Where To Go From Here?

One year ago, I started a blogging journey not knowing what to expect. I knew nothing about blogging. I had not followed any blogs nor had I ever read any blogs! So what the hell was I thinking?

I have a passion for home interior design and I want to share that passion, it’s that simple. I had no other motive. I wrote my first post 1 year ago on my birthday and have consistently posted twice a week for the last year. One year into this journey has given me a completely new perspective into the blogging life but I still wonder where do I fit? Continue reading ““One Year Blogiversary” – What I Have Learned & Where To Go From Here?”

How to Style a Cabinet

Glass and open shelf cabinets are beautiful on their own, but when purchasing one, it’s important to keep in mind what will be stored inside. Because the styling of a cabinet is as important as the cabinet piece itself. Are you buying the cabinet with the intent to display items such as family heirlooms or fine china? If you are buying a cabinet for the sole purpose of storing household items, then a cabinet with panel doors may be a better option. Continue reading “How to Style a Cabinet”