Family Room Christmas Tour

Welcome Friends to another segment of our Christmas Home Tour. Today we will be visiting the Family Room, decorated in a white and gold theme.

As I mentioned in the prior posts, my goal was to have a different holiday theme for each room of our home. The Kitchen was decorated in red and green HERE and the Sunroom in white and silver HERE.

fullsizeoutput_76f9The family room tree is decorated with white magnolia flowers, bows, gold, silver, and white ornaments.

fullsizeoutput_76f8The lighted garland is decorated with gold ornaments and white flowers. The tabletop wine barrel lazy susan HERE is topped with white trees from Hobby Lobby.

fullsizeoutput_76fbA lighted wreath hangs on the double doored glass cabinet.

fullsizeoutput_76f7Flowers arranged with white roses and greenery.

fullsizeoutput_76f6The kitchen Christmas tree is also viewable from the family room.

fullsizeoutput_76fcI made the bows with a wide netted gold ribbon and thinner white ribbon.

fullsizeoutput_76fdThe frosted holiday ball includes colors of white, silver and green.

fullsizeoutput_76f1 Tried to keep the decor fairly simple in this space. The room has gray walls and neutral furniture. All the furniture is from Restoration Hardware.

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