Here’s How You Can Choose The Best Location For Your Air Conditioner

Are you on the fence about where you should place your air conditioner? Well, you’re not alone! Many homeowners have this dilemma. Picking a spot for a unit is another big decision that homeowners should make to ensure that everything, including a cooling unit, is working perfectly.

Build the home of your dreams by following the things mentioned below to ensure that you secure the best location for your air conditioning  unit:

Seek Professional Opinion

You can go through numerous tipster sites that tell you how to best position your air conditioner, but asking a professional for their opinion is the best way to know. A specialist has undergone enough training and research to give you their educated opinion on where and how to install your air conditioner. So you can trust that the top experts in your location can give you the answer you need.

According to the International Energy Agency, there are around two billion air conditioners worldwide. Additionally, the air conditioner industry is expected to grow at about 5.6% of the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2022 to 2030 in the United States. On the other hand, in Saudi, with a desert climate, their HVAC market size is estimated to grow during 2021-2030 at a CAGR of 8.1%.

Australia, with similar seasons to the United States, has a total of 31,885 HVAC companies. Its CAGR is expected to grow during 2019-2023 by about 5.7%. Hence, when choosing a unit, it’s a good idea to ask experts in a country with a big HVAC industry. There are many websites to learn more about units and everything you need to know about them, just like the Air Conditioning Industries homepage.

Ensure That It’s High as Possible

When installing a ductless mini-split air conditioner, you must ensure it’s placed in a high location inside the room. By nature, the hot air would go up, and the cool air would come down. Thus, installing your unit at ground level would take much longer for a room to cool and reach your desired temperature. It may not even cool your room at all.

You will still be paying the same bills if you place them on a high level or the ground. Sadly, you may even pay more since it would take longer to cool a room. Placing it on a high level can give enough room for the necessary ducting and pipes, so it just makes sense to place your unit on a high level.

Place in a Shaded Location

Look around your home and look for a shaded location where you can place the exterior parts of your air conditioner. It may come as a surprise to some, but air conditioners aren’t immune to heat. It’s expected that you would open your air conditioner when it’s hot outside. However, when the outer parts of your conditioner aren’t placed in a shaded location, and the temperature is also hot, the machine must double work to make your home cool and comfortable.

Keep the machine out of direct sunlight to avoid straining your air conditioner too much. An ideal position for your air conditioner(s) is on your home’s east or north side. It’s so that your house would cover your air conditioner from the sunlight during the hottest parts of the day.

Keep the Space Well Ventilated

Avoid blocking the air conditioner with decorations, furniture, or curtains. Avoid obstructing your air conditioner with house items to ensure you use the unit to its fullest capacity. These items limit air circulation for ductless mini-split units and smart air conditioners.

It can also suffocate the unit from letting the air flow freely for units like portable air conditioners, window air conditioners, and others. It’s a known rule that you shouldn’t place items near the unit to keep the space well-ventilated.

Beware of Deciduous Trees

You may place your air conditioner near a tree; however, ensure that you don’t place it under or near a deciduous tree. It’s alright to do so; however, you may risk yourself consistently getting maintenance for your unit.

By their very nature, deciduous trees lose their leaves seasonally, specifically during autumn. When these leaves or pine needles accumulate on top and the sides of your air conditioner, the airflow and efficiency may be restricted. It’s also true for cottonwood trees that are notorious for their pollen.

But of course, trees, in general, can lose and shed their leaves and branches whenever the wind pushes them to land on your AC unit. Ensure that you position it away from trees that consistently fall off debris. But since we can’t control the forces of nature, you may need to clean the sticks, twigs, or leaves that fall on top or the sides of your unit from time to time.

If you have a central or a window air conditioner, you have to be extra careful when placing the outdoor parts of the unit. It would be best for your unit’s health if you don’t place it near trees.

Final Thoughts

The placement of your air conditioner is an important decision you have to think about. Luckily, there are articles like this one that can help you decide on placement. The perfect location enables you to maximize the full capacities of your air conditioner, so be sure to think carefully and use the information above!

Backyard Project “Swimming Pool” Reveal

Has it really been 4 months since my last blog post?! I apologize for being absent lately but I had to take a break to handle “life”. Our kids are back in school now, I am feeling better and our backyard project is winding down so I will have more time to focus on my blog which makes me happy 🙂

What Have I Been up to for the Last Four Months?

I lost both my parents this year, which has been incredibly difficult for me. Taking time to deal with the loss has helped me through the mourning process. I am feeling much better these days, more positive and look forward to the future and spending time with those closest to me. In an upcoming post, I will detail some things I did to help me deal with my grief…if you are interested in hearing about it, let me know in the comments below.

Another stressful and very time consuming area of my life has been trying to finalize our backyard project. As many of you know, we started Our Backyard Project (Phase 2) Planning to Build a Pool and Pool House, two years ago. To say this was a challenging project would be a massive understatement. There was nothing easy about this process. Building during a Pandemic complicated matters further due to lack of labor and shortages of supplies. Time lines went way longer than anticipated and costs increased dramatically.

But when all is said and done, I am happy to report that we are so close to the finish line and LOVE our new backyard space!

We have a beautiful pool and pool house to enjoy with family and friends. Spending time outdoors this summer has been a blessing for both my body and mind. Granted, much of the time I spent outside has been working…but my efforts are well worth it.

The Final Reveal is also on YouTube

If you would like to see the reveal of the pool on YouTube click on link!

Final Reveal of Our New Swimming Pool

Building a Pool with a Pool House

After a year and a half, our pool is finally done! What a complicated process it has been. Building a pool house simultaneously made everything more difficult but I do believe building the two together yielded a better result in the end.

Of course, this isn’t always possible to do for many people and for numerous reasons, but in hindsight I am happy we made the decision to incorporate building the pool with the pool house. So many decisions depend on one another, and to be able to think of the project collectively helped me create a more cohesive space.

Things to Consider before Building a Pool

The decision to build a pool on your property is a big one. You may be interested in reading Before Taking “the Plunge” to Build a Swimming Pool, Ask Yourselves these Questions and Which Type of Pool is Right for your Home?

Do you have small children? You will definitely want to read Is it Worth the Cost to Add an Automatic Pool Cover to a Swimming Pool – Discussing the Pros and Cons.

How to Situate a Pool in the Backyard

The first big decision we made for the pool was orientation. Where in the yard would the pool be best situated? Luckily, we have a big enough space and had several options. Many different views were presented to me, and in the end..we decided on a perpendicular orientation to the house. This opinion was brought about by a landscape designer I hired. We had a simple drawing created for the yard that optimized views, space, and aesthetic design.

The landscape designer suggested to situate the pool to line up with the back door entrance, as you can see in the photo below.

This option did bring about other complications with grading and water issues, as the pool house is located very close to a hill. But, I still believe the location was the best option for our yard to optimize everything we wanted in our outdoor space.

Sitting in the hot tub and enjoying the mountain views and the changing colors of the sky is simply fabulous.

We opted for a raised hot tub that connects directly to the pool house. The hot tub is independently operated from the pool so it can be heated and controlled all year long.

I get asked often, where I get my bistro lights HERE that I attached to our fence. The warm glow at night is so pretty and calming.

Waterline Tile Choices for a Swimming Pool

I get so many questions regarding waterline tiles. You may be interested in Things to Consider When Choosing the Waterline Tile for a Pool. I selected a black porcelain tile with white veining. The tile is textured and raised in areas, it is not a perfectly flat tile.

My tile choice is not a color that pops but rather blends into the pool and background. We have a lot going on in our yard so I don’t want the waterline tile to stand out but rather compliment the pool…if that makes sense?

As you can see from the above picture, when you look at the pool, your eye is not drawn to the waterline tile…which was my intent.

I also get a lot of questions about the color of our pool. Check out Deciding on the Interior Finish of a Swimming Pool and Deciding on Water Color of a Swimming Pool.

This particular evening was so lovely, watching the moon, the clouds and the sky change colors with my family.

Goodnight Moon….

Another treat was to see a beautiful rainbow over our yard on my son’s birthday! So much to be grateful for…and we are 🙂

When I posted this pic on my Instagram stories, I had a lot of questions about the floats. Check out these inexpensive floats HERE, HERE and HERE.

Is it Worth the Cost to Build a Pool?

I know many of you are building pools right now and probably running into many frustrations as well. The process is not easy but do your homework and research well. Pool builders these days are backed up, some as many as two years as more home owners are investing into their houses and are now able to spend more time at home. The lack of materials is a huge problem too right now, you may have to settle on products you don’t like to get the job complete. Prices are increasing, for just about everything it seems, pools as well.

I am constantly asked, would I do it again? The answer is yes. I would do it differently, many lessons learned from this process but yes I would.

Hope you enjoyed the post and pictures. I have a lot more info on my blog regarding the pool build, so check them out!

It’s so good to be back, I missed you all! Talk again soon

Denise xox

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Picking the Right Pergola for Your Outdoor Space

Why Add a Pergola to an Outdoor Space?

Adding a pergola to an outdoor area is a great way to add a stylish defined space for entertaining and family enjoyment. A pergola can be added to a garden, near a pool, off the house, or a separate area for dining al fresco.

We plan to add two pergolas to our pool house. I have been researching styles, types of materials, and of course….cost! Cost will depend largely on size – getting a pre fabricated out of the box kit will be the most economical way to go. Choices will be limited such as size and structure but it’s definitely worth considering if you have flexibly with your space.

Our Pool House is Complete – Updated Fall 2021

When I initially wrote this post in February we were still in the middle of construction. The pic below shows how the pool house looked in February 2021.

If you remember my posts from late last year, I predicted our pool house would be done by Christmas 2020…at least that’s what I was told. Why the delays? The availability of the sub contractors mainly. Why they had delays – not exactly sure, the pandemic may have contributed but to what extent, I don’t really know.

Check out this video for a full reveal of the pool house with attached pergolas HERE.

Update on the Pergola we Chose for our Backyard and Pool House

We decided on attached pergolas for our backyard project. Each pergola attaches to the pool house with two posts. One pergola in each side gives a very uniform and symmetrical look. Check out this video for a full reveal of the pool house with attached pergolas HERE.

You may also be interested in Things to Consider when Designing an Outdoor Kitchen if you are thinking about creating a fabulous outdoor space or watch the video HERE.

Our Plan to Add Two Pergolas to the Pool House

Let’s talk pergolas. When I started thinking about pergolas, I didn’t know what type of style I was looking for. The pics below helped me narrow down the style I wanted to achieve.

Varying Types of Pergola Styles

Let’s take a look at the different types of styles and features.

via Pinterest

I love the defined walls of this pergola giving it an enclosed feel.

via Pinterest

This fireplace area feels so warm and welcoming. Combining stone, round columns, and natural wood tones adds so much interest to the space.

via Pinterest

This fireplace seating area feels a bit more formal with the fluted columns and the two toned contrast of the pergola.

via Pinterest

I very much like the detail of the edges on the cross bars (top) of the pergola. Most likely I will pick a ceiling style similar to this one.

via Pinterest

The wood tones of this design feels more rustic, casual, and traditional.

via Pinterest

Round columns give the pergola a formal and mediterranean feel.

via Pinterest

This very country feeling pergola is so pretty. I would love to sit under the twinkling lights and the pea gravel to dine al fresco…ah….

via Pinterest

Thought this was a very cool idea, maybe not quite a traditional pergola since it has a roof but I like how it’s built off the home and angled.

via Pinterest

Drapes?! Absolutely! Our pool house design will most likely incorporate drapes of some sort and hanging string lights for sure.

via Pinterest

I feel myself quite drawn to this design. It’s probably my favorite one. All white?! Yes please!

via Pinterest

This design caught my eye because of the rounded arches between the square columns.

via Pinterest

One of the things I love about pergolas is the ability to have flowering vines and wisteria climbing the columns. So beautiful.

via pinterest

The two toned pergolas are really pretty. I feel all white will fit better into the overall aesthetic of our pool space.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Pergola

Is there a right way and a wrong way to choose a pergola? Depending on your style and budget, choose what you like best. I did prepare a list of things to consider when deciding on a style of pergola for your home. Look at your outdoor space and think about what you like about it.

  • Are you someone to prefer a rambling free form garden with lots of flowers at varying heights or a more ordered garden with shrubs planted in neat and tidy rows?
  • Do you tend to keep your shrubs and trees neatly trimmed or like a bit of extra growth and disorder?
  • How do you feel about symmetry in your design?
  • Are there defined patio spaces or established walkways in your yard?
  • What is your preference – rustic, country, modern sophistication, or contemporary?

A traditional pergola will give you straight clean lines and a more modern feel with square posts while rounded columns lend to a more formal style.

How Will you Use the Pergola Space?

Perhaps for outdoor dining and gardening? Maybe a smaller pergola will suit you perfectly but if you envision large parties and entertaining you will need a larger space. Wood pergolas are the most traditional style with a variety of grains from which to choose while vinyl wrapped pergolas offers maintenance free convenience (supposedly) but is a more expensive option.

It’s also important to think about scale when choosing a pergola. We have to consider the size of our pool house when we pick a pergola especially since each one will come right off the sides. If we pick ones too small, it will look out of proportion to the scale of the pool house and pool, so choosing the right size is important. Most likely it will be custom built so we can choose the scale proportionately.

How Much Shade do you Need?

A traditional pergola has an open style top. The closer the cross bars are to each other, the more shade it provides. It is also possible to install a canopy over the top for additional shade if needed. We want quite a bit of shade, so we will choose cross bars close to each other or a sliding canopy.

What Pergola Features do you Like Best?

Perhaps an arched top or lattice roof appeals to you? A solid privacy panel can create a barrier from your neighbors and worth while to consider. I love lattice panels and would like to incorporate it somehow into our final design.

In the end, the decision is all yours. Determining your style, deciding how you’ll use your pergola, measuring your available space, exploring pergola materials, colors, and features and planning for the right amount of shade are all great ways to narrow your choices.

I know we want all white with square beams and detail on the crossbeams. I have had discussions with my pool house builder about vinyl vs. cedar, pre fab vs. custom. I feel confident that the style we choose will suite the overall aesthetic of the space nicely.

Check out this video for a full reveal of the pool house with attached pergolas HERE.

Do you have a pergola in your yard? Would love to hear any advice you have to offer.



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