How to Build a Basement Bar on a Budget

A home bar area is a must in my house, in fact a bar on every level in my real preference. A appealing built in bar is a place for gathering, telling stories, laughing and sharing a drink or two. A well stocked bar is also critical in our home, anything available for anyone who comes to visit.

In our prior home, the bar was unappealing and boring. The cabinets on the walls gave it more of a kitchen feel than a true bar. The countertop was usable but unexciting. The corbels under the countertop were completely out of place.

The bar needed an update, but we didn’t want to break the bank doing it. We liked the shape and design of the bar, and it fit the area well, so we decided not to alter the shape.img_0494

img_0549The wall cabinet gave the bar more of a kitchen feel. They had to be removed. In it’s place we added stacked stone which is was to install and does not require grouting in between the slabs of stone.

We chose to reface the cabinets instead of replacing them. By refacing the cabinets, we were able to change the design of the doors but retain the overall shape of the bar. I chose a distressed black and used cabinet faces on the front of the bar.

Replacing the Corian countertop with an exotic granite, and re-painting the walls gave the bar a new life. We added modern farmhouse style pendants and the area felt completely different.


Finish the bar off with a tv and we have an inviting area for family and friends. We went from drab to fab on a budget!



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