Ideas for a Bar in the Master Bedroom

In my opinion you can never have too many bars in a home. A bar on each level of a home would suite me just fine.

How many times do you wake up in the middle of the night and want a bottle of water? How about a morning cup of joe without leaving the bedroom? How about a night cap before going to sleep? How about nursing your newborn in the middle of the night, would a sink be useful? The possibilities are endless. Hence the need for a bedroom bar.

When we were building a prior home, we wanted to add a built in bar to our bedroom. In anticipation of children, nightcaps, and sleepy mornings, we modeled the bar around those needs. We definitely wanted a sink (nighttime feedings come to mind), plenty of cabinet space (for all my odds and ends), a large countertop (for the coffee maker and microwave) and a fridge equipped with an ice maker (for that nightcap)!




The space was perfect and it got used everyday. To anyone building a future home, I would consider installing some type of bedroom bar area while you are building. Bars can also be installed after the fact, but if you are adding plumbing, it can get more expensive once built. You will love the space and won’t be sorry.

A simpler way to add bar space to your room, is to use one of your bathroom counters as a bar, if space allows. The sink is already installed, all you would have to do it add a refrigerator to your space, a good carpenter could cut out a cabinet and install the fridge.

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Do you have a bar in your bedroom, drop me a line and tell me how you use yours.

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