The Importance of Selecting the Right Lighting for a Home

When did having a “Foyer” become so popular? I grew up in a house without a foyer, as soon as you entered the house, you were standing in the living room. We had a small closet to put our coats and it was packed full! It was one of those closets that was so small, you had to squeeze your belongings in between other coats, sweaters, jackets, umbrellas, sweat shirts and everything else you can think of, then the closet exploded, and everything was all over the place!

A foyer is defined as an entrance hall or open area of a house. In today’s terms, a foyer can also be used as a landing area, a place to put all your stuff as you enter your home. Many homes these days, have mudrooms that are used as a space to put all your sports gear, coats, hats, gloves, umbrellas, sweat shirts, shoes and boots.

Personally, I enjoy having a foyer, maybe because I didn’t have one growing up? I love the open space when friends come over, and plenty of room to greet family. The foyer is the first impression your visitors see, the space sets the mood of the home. I also want the space to be inviting and calming.

Our foyer was anything but that! It was drab and dark. Here is a before picture of the space.


The side windows were covered with blinds and the small chandelier didn’t fit the space at all. The chandelier was not proportionate to the size of the foyer, so the impact of the lighting or lack of impact made the foyer dark.img_2144

We replaced the hardwood floors, as we did throughout the house with wide plank maple hardwood, you can read more about that (HERE).

We removed the blinds on the sides of the door, and painted the door and walls. The foyer walls were painted a pale oak. The crown molding around the arches were painted in white semi-gloss, as was the molding around the door.


One of the changes that made the biggest impact to the space was replacing the chandelier. We added a new chandelier that filled out the space, made it brighter, and added casual elegance to the area.

The impact of lighting on a house is undeniable. Lighting is one of the most important aspects to home decor you can make in your house. Lighting affects our environment, our productivity and our mood. The intensity of lighting can affect us as well, ever notice how you enjoy certain rooms more than others, chances are the lighting is affecting how you feel.

The first impression of a home is the foyer, and your lighting is a big component to that impression. Choose a chandelier or pendant that will provide ample light and make you feel welcome. I chose a 2 tiered chandelier for the space, the design is rather simple with single candelabra lights, but bright and inviting.


Moving into the circular area of the foyer, we had the same issue. The foyer was dark from the small chandelier not providing ample bright light. Here is the before picture.


In keeping with a similar style of chandelier, we went with a larger version of the foyer light for the circular area of the foyer. It’s a big space and begged for a large chandelier with bright light.


Moving to the stairs, same issue. The lighting was too small for the space and too dark.  Here is a before picture.


Choosing a similar style 6 arm chandelier with bright white light made the space more charming.


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Thanks for stopping by. I hope you got some stylish ideas for your home. See you next time!

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