Master Bedroom Renovation and Remodel

Picking the right paint color can turn your master bedroom into the personal retreat you crave. The paint color you choose will define your space and reflect your personality and style. Today’s master bedrooms are typically larger than the ones we had growing up. It’s important to take into account all the spaces in your bedroom, and combine the correct colors and layers to create your unique look.

If your bedroom includes a bathroom or dressing area, you will want to take into account these areas as a whole. This doesn’t mean, you need to choose the same paint color, but you do want coordinating colors.

Also, consider the mood you want to set in the bedroom. If you want a tranquil mood, blue is your color. Cool blue walls are the most popular color for a bedroom if you are looking for a calm and comforting space. The shade of blue you choose will affect the feel of the room, a deep blue adds drama and elegance in a bedroom and provides a beautiful backdrop for white furnishings while a softer blue looks wonderful with brown furnishings.

While the color blue creates a calm feeling, other colors stimulate our senses, to include red, yellow and orange. Be careful when choosing these colors, you may want to select a lighter shade and add in plenty of contrasting colors. Check out these tips from 50 experts giving their ideas for a better nights sleep.

In designing our previous master bedroom, my desire was to have a calm and tranquil room. The room was already painted blue when we moved in, but the blue was not a soothing tone, but rather a loud blue.

Check out the before pics:

This is the entrance of the master bedroom.IMG_0461IMG_0462IMG_0463

While blue and brown are a beautiful combination, these blue walls and brown carpet didn’t complement each other. The walls were too dark for the tone of the rug.

The bedroom has a nice coffered ceiling, but the paint color fails to bring out it’s best features. IMG_0466

The dark brown iron headboard frames do not work with the room’s design.IMG_0467

There are white walls in the hallway leading to the dressing area, and an additional room painted pink previously used as an office.IMG_0468

The fireplace is a nice feature of the room but small for the space. The cut outs next to the fireplace are screaming for white built in cabinets. IMG_0482

I brought in a plush grey carpet with a slight design. I prefer carpet in a bedroom over hardwood floors, carpet is cozier to me. We pulled up the carpeting in the foyer and added hardwood in the circular hallway area of the upstairs.

We added built in shelves to the nooks, which supplied ample room for books and pictures. We chose doors on the bottom of the shelves which hid our electrical wires and components for the TV over the fireplace. The lower shelving also provided enough space for other equipment such as DVD player and cable box.

We painted the ceiling and the fireplace of the bedroom a darker blue than the other walls, the contrast of the two 2 colors worked perfectly.fullsizeoutput_6b9c

Dark rooms for sleeping are a must for me, but I love sunlight during the day. Adding thick lined velvet grey drapes to cover the window and doors were the perfect solution. I added black tie-backs for the day to let the beautiful natural sunlight shine in.

Notice the sliding door frame is lower than the window frame? Keeping the same height for the drapes on the window and door gives the room balance. Unknown-102

We brought in black furniture and silver accents. The room is big enough to have a couple wing chairs around the fireplace, with silver nail heads. A large black smoked crystal chandelier added some bling to the space and hardwood floors were added in the hallway leading into the room.Unknown-104

As for the dressing area of the bedroom, we chose a soft pale oak for the walls to complement the blue tones in the master bedroom.Unknown-101

Remember the pink room attached to the master bedroom? We used the same blue tone as the master bedroom and turned it into a simple yoga room.Unknown

The dressing area attaches to the master bathroom, in need of a complete remodel! Stay tuned!

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