Kylie Jenner’s Los Angeles Home Full Tour

Kylie Jenner has purchased her fourth home in the Hidden Hills Community of Los Angeles, and this home is a real beauty.

The house was built in 2015 and is a 13,200 square foot Cape Cod style home. It has eight bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, along with a home theater, a massage room and a pool with a beautiful view.

Let’s check out Kylie’s new digs. The amazing photos come courtesy of Crisnet.

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1475598036-1475505814-isdgtl5oz7m0jp1000000000This foyer entrance is stunning. Love the white hardwood floors and clean neutral walls.

1475598037-1475505815-is5ar9nhvzd3jp1000000000Dining room has large beautiful doors leading to the outside.


1475598038-1475505817-isp94fml379krp1000000000Coffered ceiling with beadboard and an amazing view. Lot of detailed molding around the doors and long sconces.

1475598039-1475505818-isd8rekieuv0sp1000000000Fireplace surround has similar molding as the door frames.

1475598040-1475505819-isibscz88ngubs0000000000The home is so cohesive and easily transitions from one room to the next.

1475598041-1475505820-isx7ofpr913xzt1000000000White kitchen with a large Viking stove and herringbone backsplash.

1475598041-1475505821-isxvmqj56ef6sp1000000000Open floor plan leading to family room.

1475598042-1475505821-is52p22camn3sp1000000000Double islands…..of course.

1475598043-1475505822-isx3p9avrpgj7u1000000000Master bedroom

1475598044-1475505823-isp1ulqumot4930000000000With sitting room and fireplace.

1475598045-1475505824-istsxlbl8md87u1000000000Large closet…but may need more shoe racks.

1475598045-1475505824-is1jzeetrtmevu1000000000Beautiful picture window over the free standing bathtub and herringbone patterned marble flooring, and plenty of drawers to store all that lip gloss.

1475598046-1475505825-isxj59p8qoe88u1000000000Enormous shower with rainhead fixture.

1475598048-1475505827-is952acyg2u27u1000000000Kylie’s office

1475598049-1475505828-is1zzxtrcul57u1000000000Massage room….naturally. All those public appearance are tiring.

1475598051-1475505830-isl6fae16f7m6u1000000000Game room with bar.

1475598052-1475505831-isletq2pi24yrp1000000000Another view of the family room leading to the outside patio

1475598052-1475505832-isdciq2nexoj0x1000000000Large patio…big enough for the full Kardashian/Jenner family.

1475598054-1475505832-isdw95csk8zh000000000000Patio overlooking the pool.

1475598055-1475505833-isd8ba210lrz310000000000Beautilful pool with views.

1475598056-1475505834-ishvr98oigl7930000000000Lovely home…I’ll take two please.

1475598057-1475505835-isx7wx81rw12930000000000Rear view of this gorgeous property.

Wow, this home is amazing. What do you think?

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