Updating Furniture Using Milk Paint

I’m back again to talk about milk paint. I really love this stuff! I have posted a couple articles about using milk paint (HERE) to give ordinary household items a farmhouse chic or a modern update (HERE).

Today, I am going to paint a tray table and stand I bought at Kirklands (HERE) years ago.  If you aren’t familiar with Kirklands, you should check them out. They have great home decor, everything from furniture and lighting to wall art and holiday accessories. A huge retail store recently opened up in our area and I love spending an afternoon in the store browsing the aisles.

So, many years ago I bought this removable tray table and stand in an espresso finish from Kirklands.IMG_8469It has served us well over the years but it’s time for an update.

IMG_8470The tray is large in size and easy to remove from the stand.

IMG_8471I started with a light sanding. There is a glossy finish to this piece so I wanted to rough it up a bit, but not too much.

IMG_8473I used a fine grit piece of sandpaper and wiped with a dry cloth.

IMG_8475Because the piece has a glossy finish, I applied a bonding paint (HERE) after sanding.

IMG_8476I used a brush to apply the bonding solution and let it dry completely, about an hour.

IMG_8477Then I applied the first coat of milk paint in my favorite color Petticoat (HERE) and let it dry completely.

IMG_8478After 1 coat it has that ugly…I need a couple more coats look. This happens especially with dark pieces.

IMG_8479After 2 coats, it looks a lot better.

IMG_8482But since this is such a dark item, it required 3 coats of milk paint, I used 1 full bottle.

IMG_3386I love it! It turned out so well and has that chalky white bright modern farmhouse chic look.

IMG_3387Put it to use straight away!

IMG_3397Notice the cloth straps that connect the bars? I painted them as well.


IMG_3462Anyone else enjoy breakfast in bed?

So…after I snapped this shot…I thought to myself…maybe a “gather” pillow on our bed isn’t all that appropriate. But for those who know me, and my twisted sense of humor, will appreciate the pix and won’t be surprised…but I really meant it strictly as Fall decor! 😉

IMG_3471Alright, now that I sidetracked you all..let’s get back to pretty things, like a chic tray table with coffee and Rocher chocolates!

IMG_3450 Thanks for stopping by, see you next time.

Now, I’m going to enjoy the fruits of my labor! Literally!



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