How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Ribbon Using Different Methods

I often get asked about the ribbon methods I use to decorate my Christmas trees. Each year, I try something new. A few years ago, I decorated our fraser fir using a criss cross pattern. I used 2 ribbons, a burgundy velvet ribbon on top of a wider, gold ribbon. I attached red magnolia flowers at each intersection. For the tree topper, I made a large bow using the same two ribbons.fullsizeoutput_7694Last year, we purchased a flocked tree. Actually, this is the second flocked tree we purchased, after the first one was stolen! Can you believe someone would steal a Christmas tree? Who would do that other than the Grinch!! You know who you are!!!

fullsizeoutput_7696Anyway, last year I decorated our flocked tree with burgundy and white ornaments and used the criss cross ribbon method. Looks completely different on a flocked tree right? The criss cross method is one of my favorite patterns.

fullsizeoutput_768fThis year, I’m using varying methods, actually several different types on the same tree. I chose 3 ribbons and 2 rolls of tulle. Using wired edged ribbon will give you the best results.

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These picks are great to use as fillers once the ribbon is on the tree.

IMG_0060In this method, I’ll call the triple loop, cut a 3′ long piece of ribbon. Make 3 loops and leave a tail, secure the loops with a plastic tie or wire.

There are differing thoughts and opinions on which to do first when decorating a tree, do you put the ribbon on first or last? I’ve done both and I find it easier and less time consuming to put the ribbon on first. When I put the ribbon on last, I spend so much time moving ornaments around to get the perfect look.

fullsizeoutput_7693Make several triple loop pieces and scatter them throughout the tree.

fullsizeoutput_7685Aren’t these ornaments gorgeous? They are stunning and very substantial and heavy. Each ornament is made of thick mercury glass and they come in a variety of finishes.

fullsizeoutput_7686  In addition, I added in several 3′ pieces of different ribbons. Gather a piece of ribbon in the middle and set it back into the tree, attaching it with a wire tree branch. You’ll notice some of the branches towards the middle of the tree are more wiry than the ones in front, use those to pinch the ribbon and keep it in place.

fullsizeoutput_7687Use tulle to make bows or use as an extra layer under ribbon.

fullsizeoutput_7688Add several 3′ piece sections throughout the tree until you get the look you want.

fullsizeoutput_7689I added in a few pinecone florals as well.

fullsizeoutput_768aThe mercury glass ornaments are so pretty.

fullsizeoutput_768bHere, I used tulle under ribbon and added a sparkly pick.

fullsizeoutput_768cI use the picks each time I secure the ribbon with a branch.

fullsizeoutput_768dA flocked tree is already so pretty, it doesn’t need a lot of ribbon just a few accents here and there.

fullsizeoutput_768eI also added in 6′ sections of ribbon, layering it throughout the tree and pinching it in place.

The tree is stunning and bright, I absolutely love our flocked tree with the french country ornaments.

Lastly, here is another way I decorated our foyer 12′ tree using a zig zag pattern.

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18 thoughts on “How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Ribbon Using Different Methods

  1. Stunning and gorgeous! About 18 years ago, from home, I decorated hundreds of 3 ft Christmas trees for a catalog company. Oh my, I did about a thousand bows in a similar way to yours, with the picks, and glued them, pinecones and assorted berry sprays onto the branches. I can appreciate all of your hard work. Thank you for sharing. I love Christmas beautiful Christmas decorations.

    1. Wow, that sounds like a fun job, and getting wonderful experience! I love Christmas and all the beauty that comes with it. I appreciate you stopping by for a visit 🙂

  2. Your decorations are very pretty. I just love them. and I love working with ribbons just you. but I think this year I am not doing too big a decorative home. Well done. Looking forward to some more. Take care and a warm Sunday to you!

    1. Hi Julie, thank you! I am going all out this year, it’s much fun 🙂 Will post a Christmas tour this week..stay tuned!

    1. The flocked tree is beautiful! We just painted that room and it looks even better now! Will post pics soon!

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