“Modern French Country Christmas” Sunroom Tour and Remodel 2017

So far, this Christmas season has been filled with fun and exciting room transformations. I have really enjoyed decorating our house for the holidays! This is the first year I have added Christmas touches to so many rooms, if you missed the kitchen tour, you can check it out HERE.

The fun part of decorating this season was choosing a different theme for each room. I had several different ideas for Christmas decor, and for the most part it worked out pretty well…sort of. I admit to moving fully decorated trees around the house because my initial vision wasn’t exactly on target. Lesson learned, that’s ok. Next year will be better.

I based our sunroom holiday decor on a silver and white color scheme. I already owned the flocked tree, white stockings, and tree shirt, but I hadn’t used them together in the past.

Our sunroom has gone through changes as well. In the last year, we painted the mantel white HERE. I am loving the fresh clean look of the white mantel BUT hate the dark brown and gold toned walls!

IMG_0064YUCK! The color has to go!

IMG_0065I already have a fully decorated tree in the room but that’s alright…painting is the priority!

IMG_0066The walls are too high for my husband to reach with our ladder so we will contract this job out.

IMG_0067Out with the dark, and in with the light!

fullsizeoutput_76deOMG! The room is so bright now, and with the sun shining in, it warms not only the room but my heart 🙂 WE LOVE IT!

fullsizeoutput_76e2Can you believe that crystal shines brighter against a lighter surface than a darker one? I kid you not! The birdcage chandelier HERE is stunning in the space and our frameless mirror!? WOW! Loving the reflection of the chandelier on the mirror.

fullsizeoutput_76ceThe tree is even brighter and appears whiter as well…no joke!

IMG_5412I frosted a couple mini trees I bought at Home Depot with snow spray HERE. Have you ever used this stuff, it’s pretty fun and easy to use.

fullsizeoutput_76d1Still crushing on my French Country ornaments.

fullsizeoutput_76d2As I mentioned in the kitchen tour, I spent a lot of time shopping our garage this season. I found items that I could reuse with just a little work. The stocking holders on the mantel used to be a dark brown, but with a little silver spray paint HERE..voila it matches my color scheme.

fullsizeoutput_76d3Vase filler of birch wood, pinecones and white berries add to the theme.

fullsizeoutput_76d4These 2 silver trees are part of the Martha Stewart Living collection at the Home Depot.

fullsizeoutput_76d6It really is amazing at how bright the room is now. If the paint color looks familiar, that’s because it is the same color we used to paint our kitchen…color ASH by Restoration Hardware and paint by Benjamin Moore.

fullsizeoutput_76d7If you’re ever looking for me, most likely you’ll find me here…on the sofa, blogging, and the fireplace lit.

fullsizeoutput_76dfMy favorite room of the house.

fullsizeoutput_76e0That’s it for me, I have other rooms to finish up..stay tuned for more holiday inspiration! If you enjoyed this article, please tweet, pin, and repost. Follow along on Instagram HERE and enter for a chance to win an Amazon gift card and tea basket, click on the contest post and follow the directions…contest ends Dec 15, 2017. Good Luck!

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    1. Thanks for stopping by Shelly. The name of the post implies a one room tour. Stay tuned for more rooms coming up in future posts.

  1. Denise, I can just picture you in that beautiful room with the snow falling & a roaring fire going. It is just beautiful. Merry Christmas. Donna Jones

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