Using Chalky Finish Spray Paint – An Honest Review

A couple times over the holidays, I used spray paint on a few household items… but truth be told..I wasn’t happy with the finish and the runny texture of the paint. Needless to say I was a little apprehensive to take on another project using spray paint.

While spray paint has a lot of advantages; easy to use, covers well, and goes on quickly, not all home projects are suited for this style of paint. I feel its best application is for smaller items with intricate detail. For large pieces of furniture, I would choose latex paint, a more cost effective option.

Here are gold candlesticks of mine that need to be freshened up.

5jswYMxFQHq23VfBWk9gnwI have owned them for years and want to modernize them with a different color and texture.

fullsizeoutput_76efWe use them mostly at Christmas time with burgundy candles. While they are pretty, I’d like a more contemporary look to use year round.

There is a lot of detail on these candlesticks, so using spray paint is the perfect option. For this project, I am using Krylon Chalky Finish Spray Paint in Classic White. I found it at Michaels and Hobby Lobby HERE, but had a hard time finding it in the color Classic White, must be a very popular color, it is also available HERE.

Tscm4uPMQbu67wSOhzOaDgI did not sand the candlesticks, but I did use a primer HERE, spraying one coat on lightly. This picture shows what they look like after 1 coat of primer. Make sure you are in a well ventilated area, I was in the garage with a door open, the paint does smell quite a bit.

The primer dries quickly, but it is recommended to let your piece dry at least an hour before spraying with paint.

fullsizeoutput_78e8I applied 2 coats of spray paint, and followed the recommendation to let them dry at least 6 hours between coats. I applied the coats quickly, moving the can left and right evenly down the candlesticks.  The paint did not run or drip at all! I found this paint much easier to use than other spray paints I have tried in the past.

VpcuEijBRdivWmDieJY0mQThe can also has a nifty spray tip nozzle that doesn’t tire your finger out like other spray tips, a definite bonus!

The finish is very nice, a chalky flat finish. However, I did not find the finish to be ultra chalky. On a chalk finish scale of 1-10, I would give the finish a rating of 6 in terms of chalkiness.  If you are looking for a high chalk finish, I would recommend using milk paint HERE. I found milk paint to have a much chalkier finish than this spray paint. Both are nice finishes, just depends on your preference. A chalkier finish will give your piece more of an aged appearance.

All in all, I give this spray paint a thumbs up for ease, application, and finish. I will definitely use it again for future home projects.

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