How To Make a Valentine Day Puppy Bouquet Step by Step Guide

This adorable puppy bouquet is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for an animal lover or anyone near and dear to your heart. Parents, spouses, significant others, siblings, friends, or kids will love and appreciate this cute floral arrangement. 

To create a puppy bouquet is rather simple. You can use real of artificial flowers for the arrangement. Here are the items you will need:

  • Foam
  • Container
  • Eyes and nose (I used black pom poms)
  • Carnations or chrysanthemums
  • Ribbon
  • Glue gun

fullsizeoutput_7b7aFor my bouquet, I used real carnations and a wooden pail.

fullsizeoutput_7b7cThe foam mold should extend 1 inch above the rim of the container. If you are using real flowers, make sure to use a floral foam mold, one that can soak in water.

SLbNJJ9gRS6DGVCrYpL4bAIf the container is not water proof, line it with plastic, I used a zip lock bag.

oAbmsRZmQKGVudZp9G0FGgPlace one flower in the center of the foam, leaving an inch or two of stem. This will be the puppy’s head. Place two more flowers on each side of the center flower, slightly higher and angled. These will be the puppy’s ears. All three of these flowers should be touching.

eQ3zR40CTxqEV0HMrl7zxQInsert three more flowers below the head and ears. These should be angled to face slightly forward. The center flower will be the puppy’s nose, and the two other flowers placed on either side will be the eyes. The nose should be raised higher than the eyes. Insert two more flowers below the nose to fill in the face.

suBNuWyTSDm0bAx1M87yswUsing a glue gun, insert the eyes and nose in the center of the appropriate blossoms. The eyes should be close enough to the ears to make your bouquet appear more puppy-like.

3BXvl6xTTC+iK3+xXefPsQ*This post contains affiliate links for your convenience at no cost to you*

Create a couple small bows made from red ribbon.

fullsizeoutput_7b44 Attach the bows to the ears using a glue gun, for a cute puppy appearance.

fullsizeoutput_7b59Fill in the container with red blooms to create the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

fullsizeoutput_7b6fThis little guy warms my heart and my kids love him too. Wishing you all a very happy Valentine’s Day!!

If you decide to make a puppy bouquet, please share your pictures, I’d love to see them.

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