Why Every Kitchen Needs a Rug

When we think of rugs in a home, typically our thoughts lean to living, dining and bedrooms – but rugs also add warmth, character, color, and texture to the hearth of the home.

I am partial to runners in the kitchen. Often, we see small rugs and mats on the floor near kitchen sinks, but adding a rug runner is a great way to liven up the space and add personality while providing comfort for washing dishes or chopping vegetables.

fullsizeoutput_7f9a Choosing a lower pile rug in the kitchen is a smart choice, they are easier to vacuum and spot-clean as needed. Antique rugs are also a great option, the wear and tear will only add to the charm of the rug.

Many people avoid using rugs in the kitchen for fear of spills and messes, but a little soap, water, and a brush will usually remove the stain. I have spilled tomato sauce on our rug a couple times but was able to eliminate the spot quickly.

fullsizeoutput_7f9cAnother benefit of having a rug in the kitchen is to minimize slippery floors. We use a non-skid rug pad under our kitchen rug and it works great to secure the rug in place.

A kitchen rug will also reduce fatigue caused by standing for long periods of time. Nothing gets me more tired than standing for hours on a hard surface preparing a big meal. In particular, stone floors cause my legs and feet to tire more quickly but having a runner to cover most of the area I am working in has drastically helped in reducing the fatigue.
When thinking about rug size for the kitchen, think about how much of that space you want to cover. Using a long, narrow rug in a small kitchen can make the room look bigger.

The color and pattern of the kitchen rug that you choose will set the tone for your look. Stick with neutral tones for a cohesive, traditional look that adds comfort without overpowering the room. Then, complement the existing color scheme by picking up a color used in other accessories. As you can see, I chose a muted vintage rug with colors of grays and whites that mix well with my existing decor. But if you’re looking for that bright pop of color, a red vintage runner would look great as well. Check out these rugs options:

Rugs Runners

fullsizeoutput_7f72When mixing colors, a good rule of thumb to use is the 60-30-10 rule: keep 60 percent of your décor in the dominant color of the room (this is usually the color of your walls or cabinets). The next 30 percent is the primary accent color and the remaining 10 percent is an extra accent color, which you can easily incorporate into the room with decorative accessories. Following this rule, choose a rug that picks up your secondary color to coordinate nicely with the kitchen’s existing color palette.

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6 thoughts on “Why Every Kitchen Needs a Rug

  1. I have cushioned, leather runners (GelPro)… because my kitchen floor is slate. Especially grateful for the padding when I am preparing holiday meals. Your rug is beautiful and accents your kitchen perfectly! <3 <3

    1. Yes, I have seen those. They look super comfortable in front of the sink. Thank you Lynn for visiting! Hugs

  2. Guilty of the rugs at sink and stove. Time to get a runner instead! For those times I’m standing for a long time, my Olukai sandals are the answer! They have saved my legs and back on our wood floor in MA. Also have the GelPro at our FL home on the tile. Much as I dislike the look (hubby insisted) it does the job.

    1. I like the gel rugs too, they do a nice job when standing in place. The runners are great for running back and forth, (which I do a lot) and prefer the look of a long rug over a few shorter rugs. And you’re right – proper shoes make all the difference as well! Thanks for visiting!

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