Styling the Front Entrance with French Urns and an Elegant Outdoor Mat

A garden urn is a vase or container that typically has a narrower neck with a foot or pedestal. Urns come in a variety of materials and styles, ranging from Tuscan to French to Contemporary.

During the summer months, we tend to focus on the outside of our homes. Our entire outside area needs attention..but where to start? Let’s start with a small project and something easy that doesn’t involve a painter, mason or landscaper…like styling the mudroom entrance 🙂

On a recent shopping trip, I picked up some planters for our home. I found a couple outdoor french urns that will work great for the area outside the mudroom.

fullsizeoutput_856dThese footed planters are made of cement and super heavy. Since we tend to get strong winds in our area due to the topography of our homes, we need urns with heft and weight. In the past, we had several planters blow over during storms, ruining flowers and causing a huge mess for me!

Our urns, similar HERE, HERE, and HERE are beautifully styled and fit in perfectly with our french country home. I placed a couple hydrangeas, found at Home Depot, into the urns. To make this project even easier, I left the flowers in the plastic containers they came in, no need to replant the hydrangeas into the urns.

fullsizeoutput_842bThe area was also lacking a focal point, an outdoor mat. I found this beautiful coco rug at Frontgate with green bold stripes. This outdoor mat is made of coconut-husk fiber and hand stenciled with fade-resistant dyes. It’s beautiful and works perfectly for our mudroom entrance, which we use several times a day to walk our puppy.

fullsizeoutput_8435Adding the rug makes such a difference to the space, bringing in color and texture, and it is super useful too! That’s a win win win in my book!


I love the planters so much that I also purchased a few mini planters for the inside of our home. These mini urns HERE, HERE and HERE are a perfect addition to the mantel. Being able to use artificial or real flowers, depending on the season, makes these planters even more appealing.

A wide variety of planters are also available at Target!

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4 thoughts on “Styling the Front Entrance with French Urns and an Elegant Outdoor Mat

  1. Love, love it! How do you keep the hydrangeas alive during the winter since they are in pots? Or do you plant them in the ground and start fresh next year? I love the doormat as well! All so beautiful and inviting! <3 <3

    1. I think I will plant them in the ground for the winter, you’re right Lynn, they wouldn’t survive very well without being planted. Hugs!

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