Powder Room Remodel – Modern French Country Design (Part 2 – Relocating the Plumbing and Electrical)

Our powder room remodel project is slowly moving along. As with any project, delays occur and are expected.

In my initial post about our powder room remodel HERE, I told you how long this bathroom has been sitting around waiting for some love. But hey! Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?!

Relocating Plumbing for a Bathroom Remodel

When we last left off, I told you about our plan to move the plumbing and the sconce lighting from the large wall to a smaller wall. Getting that completed has been the main focus of the project this past week.

BkvFXUy6RymALVfZMSHtewWe are moving the plumbing from the existing location to the adjacent wall.

JwTDCAOYRnCCF1fdbO4iYgThis will involve a lot of drywall cutting and repair work.

6kOAXPj6Su6Ra+DRBWA2FgIn order to move the plumbing valves, we need to drill holes in the studs for the pipes to feed through and they need to turn a corner.

%Yb5vJykT9SJ2h0zKN7VawSo….I should have noticed at this point..that the hot and cold valves are not lining up, and one is higher than the other one.

433IZEeTS4WaIq+a9DspBgBut I didn’t notice it until all the drywall had been installed and patched…yikes!

2KFUWcamT46ZGaGsqGLKAwSooo….why does this matter so much? Not because I’m super particular and OCD…but because my vanity has exposed valves and an exposed p-trap! SHIT!

t2t96cqJR%+%dkjZ%LpukQBut my crew is totally awesome and they come back and fix the alignment issue and re-patch the drywall.

Relocating Scone Outlets within a Room

UCke6F6%RC6nlRu3vexyfwAlong with the vanity, the sconce outlets are also moving from the larger wall to the adjacent wall.

J3FeRAeaSve9LtMs4Ap8KQThe way the wires are run means several cuts have to be made in the ceiling and the wall.

u%MD6cgHRvae9v0jb9b8AA  And the switch box will have to be rewired as well.

sGRzEX6sS8q5dgWJwrEOZgAt this point, all the drywall patching and sanding has been completed, but it took several days and several layers to achieve a smooth look. The drywall dust is everywhere! I’ll be happy when this portion of the project is done.

Replacing Shoe Molding

fullsizeoutput_89faWe still need to replace a piece of shoe molding where the prior vanity was located and a couple small pieces had been cut out.

SmDBemM6TNGtE9pWchkjhAThe shoe molding was replaced and everything is looking great, almost ready to start painting!

Moving an Electrical Box from the Wall to the Baseboard

One more change we are making to the room before painting begins.

MNifV6aAR6mqDh507dtfiAThis wall outlet is located half way up the wall and sticks out like a sore thumb. Not sure what it would be used for other than a night light or room freshener.

qEjY6lsBQZGT0naaZ8tPswWe are relocating it to the base board where all the other wall outlets in our home are located. I asked my electrician if we could eliminate it all together since we have another one located near the vanity, so I figured this one was unnecessary. But code doesn’t allow a live wire to just hang out behind drywall, it must have a flat plate covering it. Having a flat plate defeats the purpose of eliminating it for aesthetic purposes…so it was relocated to the base board…which is fine. My husband hated the idea of eliminating it anyway..he thinks having more is better than not enough. I think, if it’s not needed get rid of it!

We have the color picked out and are ready to begin painting.

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    1. It’s looking very pretty with the black walls and vanity. Now I have to decide on a picture for the wall, almost complete! Stay tuned!

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