How to Arrange Roses in a Vase

Sounds simple enough right? Do we really need instruction here? Actually yes.

Some flowers looks amazing when plopped into a vase and need little or no arranging at all like tulips, check out How to Arrange Tulips in a Vase.

Roses are more tricky and require a bit more work to look their best.

fullsizeoutput_93f2I wanted to use my beautiful ginger jars SIMILAR HERE for our annual Christmas party – Our Christmas Home Tour & Annual Holiday Party 2018. I purchased 2 dozen roses to use in the jars.

Up to this point, I had not used the jars to hold flowers, they look so pretty on their own.

fullsizeoutput_93fcThe jars are hefty in weight and size, making them perfect for a centerpiece.

LADH3ghZQZCWFJh%QSZaYwAfter filling the jar, prepare the roses. Remove most of the leaves on the stem, especially ones that would fall below the water line. Cut at least an inch off the stem, and cut at an angle. It’s best to cut the rose under water. If the rose is out of water for too long, the stem can close up and cause the rose to wilt.

gLQDyY45RjCFfb4k4wtFagI used my new shears HERE to cut the roses. I don’t know how I lived without shears for so long. Before I owned a pair of shears, I used kitchen scissors and always had a hard time cutting thru thick stems, but with these’s like cutting through butter 😉 Using scissors can crush the stem as well, damaging the flower and causing it to wilt.

fullsizeoutput_9401Starting with the outer base, use 3 stems of leaves and form a triangular pattern.

fullsizeoutput_9407The method I am using is the 7-4-1 method of arranging flowers. Begin inserting the roses on the outer edges, 7 roses in total.

fullsizeoutput_93ffThen working on the next layer of roses, insert 4 more roses, leaving them a bit taller than the first layer. Then add your last rose in the center, this one will be the tallest of them all.

fullsizeoutput_9400Add additional filler of eucalyptus seeds and hypericum or whatever you have available.

fullsizeoutput_9405I repeated the 7-4-1 method for my smaller ginger jar.

fullsizeoutput_93feThe jars look beautiful with blush roses. Red roses would look amazing too.

fullsizeoutput_9499I placed them in my family room for the party and they still look great today.

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