How to Get Rid of Groundhogs Living in Your Yard

These pesky critters have lived in our yard for over 2 years and are driving me “nuts”! They planted their furry asses under our outdoor kitchen and refuse to vacate!

Or maybe I should call this post “how to keep groundhogs living in your yard” – because it has been a crazy 2 year process of trying to get rid of these damn critters!

When we moved into our house and I first noticed them in the yard, I wasn’t bothered too much and thought they were kinda cute. They would come out to feed in the yard during the day and go into their hole to sleep at night. They would hibernate during the Winter months and reappear in Spring. But I wasn’t aware of their destructive behavior.

At first, I just noticed one groundhog, but then noticed there were two of them in the yard…at this point I became more concerned. My son noticed them playing “tag” one day. We watched them run around the yard chasing each other. After witnessing a violent rape..I knew I had to do something or end up with dozens of babies in our yard.

I didn’t want to harm them…just wanted to relocate them out of my yard. I did some research and ordered a trap HERE.

I set the trap up with one of their favorite fruits, bananas.

fullsizeoutput_74b7The trap sat in our yard for months! I moved the trap around the yard several times trying to determine the best location. I would even change the food and try different fruits…but the trap did not work for us, those damn groundhogs would not go near it! These critters are crazy smart!! I couldn’t believe it.

The trap was successful though in trapping a bunny. Several people I know have caught numerous groundhogs using this trap..not sure why it did not work for us.

The Winter passed, they went into hibernation and I forgot about them until Spring when they reappeared.

VRdgx7RLQ5C+HNKiqE%4iQThe space dug by the groundhogs is huge and goes under our patio, near a large retaining wall and gas line.

zawFDdSlSjKK6iv5smRXdAI suspect the area dug by the groundhogs goes far back under the patio.

Next method, we poured a bottle of ammonia in and around the space and waited for the groundhogs to vacate.

JJ+w6VEMR2+N9jeo+6F+KQNo luck, the ammonia did not deter them. Next, we filled the space with dirt.

ekTOVMUbSSSJC+rTn7oB3QPacking it down as well as we could.

ZXz9AFKKQmOoY3kN4RV3rgAnd poured another bottle of ammonia on the soil along the length of the island.

2MOZn5GSQaiKojgX6HV6pQ3 hours later..look who’s back!

Pb+%TUmhSd2rShUQMiKrOgAlright, now we are going to create an obstacle course for these bastards so they will be forced to go inside the cage! We blocked off the entrance with lawn chairs and placed the cage in front of the hole with lots of cantaloupe nearby.

ClEkyIIRTXy73NykVwHP2QEPIC fail! I talked to my landscaping company and he told me they used cantaloupe skin to trap 7 groundhogs. We created a trail up to the cage, but it didn’t work for us. Another fail! I can’t believe our luck!!!

fGwTbhvTSFSy5wZbT8QBiANext, we removed the chairs from the entrance and placed the cage in front of the hole. Next day, a brand new hole was dug to the left of the cage. Another EPIC fail.

TWX3EeLNSO+6PIvBG395jgLast resort..fill the hole with concrete! Let’s see these critters try to dig through cement!!

So it’s been 3 weeks since we filled this hole with cement and it seems that the groundhogs have found another home. I still see them come into our yard to eat, but it doesn’t appear they sleep here anymore.

My preference would be to catch them in the cage and relocate them permanently miles away from our house…but for now I’m just happy they don’t live under our island anymore 🙂

Have you ever had groundhogs in your yard? Any suggestion of how to get rid of them?

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16 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Groundhogs Living in Your Yard

    1. I was hoping to catch them in a cage and drive them miles and miles away from my home. But they are too smart for that! Really hoping not to harm them 🙁

  1. Fortunately the groundhogs I see in our yard stay about 50 yards back from our home and probably go into the woods to sleep and hibernate. However, we have multiple problems dealing with destructive deer, raccoons, squirrels and moles. These pest have been an on going problem for many years.
    Hopefully the concrete is the answer to your problem. Wishing you the best.

    1. Hi Sandra, it’s frustrating isn’t it? I’ve heard good things about deer repellent for plants. We have a fence in our backyard, and the deer don’t jump into the yard, they stay on the perimeter, but they do love our front yard. You may want to try the cage for the moles and raccoons but then you would have to drive them far away from your property. I hope you find a solution too! Best!

  2. I really love your style Denise! 😉 I read this a couple days ago and have been laughing about it ever since! My mom used to have the most terrible time with moles – which is kind of close to the same thing… But reading this made me remember how she tried everything ever invented to get rid of them! I hope your latest strategy finally works! Thanks for sharing this – I know you and Mom aren’t the only ones with pesky pests! Even if they are furry!

    1. Hi Barbara! They are so annoying!!! OMG!! They must be in hibernation now, haven’t seen them in a while..but they still feed in our yard. Hate those little f***ers!!!! Anyhoo…thanks for visiting 🙂

  3. I grew up on a farm in Indiana. You can probably guess how we dealt with them so I won’t post it. But you can’t use the same method in populated areas or within just about any city limits, too dangerous and probably illegal. It may seem cruel but in times past that’s how things were done. We had so many Groundhog tunnels under one of our barns that two of my days antique cars actually collapse two feet into the ground and we had a tough time getting them out. The has quite a gallery of tunnels under there apparently!

    1. Yes I know what you mean…and trust me I thought about it!! But it seems they are gone, my pest control company also is using a “deterrent” to keep them far it’s working! woohoo 😉

  4. The best way to discourage groundhogs is a good dog. My dog chased them so much they gave up and moved out.

  5. We are fighting the groundhogs too. Trying used cat liter, ammonia, cat hair, filling in the hole, nothing works but my building is collapsing on one side. They really are a problem

    1. Yes they are devastating and can cause major damage to a home. Have you tried a cage to capture them? I had to call out my pest control folks to use a deterrent deep in the hole…that did the job.

  6. Hello.
    I have caught three with a trap and moved them far away. This last 2 years trap is not working. Think the one left wised up. Just comes out when dogs inside. Now blocked off one den and working on the other. If I could would use my gun.
    Will keep at it.
    Jeff, Pittsburgh

    1. Hi Jeff, it’s so frustrating isn’t it? I couldn’t believe how smart our groundhog was to avoid the trap. Putting deterrent into the hole he lived in finally did the trick! Hope you get rid of yours soon, good luck.

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