Simple Renovation Project: Nix the Pickets on Your Screen Porch

Everyone loves a great view. Whether you’re lucky enough to have water views or just a view of your backyard, a screen porch is a great place to enjoy the view.

Nasty-PicketsNothing kills a great view more than obstructions like ugly pickets or balusters.

Nasty-Pickets-Screen-PorchLuckily Screen Tight has designed a product to remove these obstructions from your view. MeshGuard from Screen Tight is a new revolutionary guardrail in-fill screening system designed to provide unobstructed views while maintaining full code compliancy.


MeshGuard Basics

MeshGuard is designed to take the place of traditional pickets or balusters on a screened-in porch. Most building codes require a handrail or guardrail on porches with vertical posts no more than four inches apart. These vertical posts can take up to 40% of your view. This can make it hard to watch your kids play in the backyard or swim in a pool, or even enjoy a full view of a sunrise or sunset from the comfort of your screened-in porch.

MeshGuard-Installation-Sullivans-IslandMeshGuard is approved by the ICC and is completely code compliant for openings up to six feet by three feet below the handrail. This allows you to get rid of the ugly pickets and balusters taking up your view. The product is also designed to withstand two times the designed pressure for guardrail in-fill, making it the ideal component for porches in harsher weather climates, like coastal screened-in porches.

rocking-chairThe MeshGuard screening system is composed of multiple parts including a PVC base, a steel retainer strip, flat spline, self-drilling screws, and last but not least, in-fill screening. The Original Screen Tight cap (also referred to as a MeshGuard cap) can also be used with the MeshGuard system.

DIY Weekend Project

MeshGuard seamlessly integrates with Original Screen Tight screening systems, with MeshGuard going below the handrail and Original Screen Tight screening going above. Original Screen Tight screening systems can be found on over a million homes, so chances are you may already have it on your screened-in porch. For those that already have Original Screen Tight, removing pickets and converting your existing screened-in porch into MeshGuard can be an easy weekend DIY project. Even if you don’t have Original Screen Tight on your existing porch, MeshGuard is usable on mostly any existing porch frame and can still be an easier DIY project depending on your porch structure and screening system.

The DIY project simply requires five tools: a drill with a 5/32-inch drill bit, snips or shears, a rollerknife, chop saw or handsaw and a rubber mallet. Full installation instructions including videos can be found on If you have any questions whatsoever about your MeshGuard a project, a ScreenTight Porch Pro is there to assist. Simply visit, fill out the form and a Porch Pro will get back to you promptly.

How and Where to Buy MeshGuard

To get started with MeshGuard, you will need to download the Screen Porch Planning worksheet to get an accurate estimate on the MeshGuard materials you will need for your project. Once you have your estimate, you can purchase your materials at your local Lowes, Home Depot or at

It’s important to note that MeshGuard caps are available in white, grey, beige and brown caps so no painting is required. Lastly, MeshGuard base is available in eight foot lengths and one and half inch base and cap.

coastal-living-porch-3Say goodbye to ugly pickets with MeshGuard while ensuring your screened-in porch is code compliant. This easy DIY weekend project can transform your screened-in porch into your new favorite place to relax and catch an obstructed view of a sunrise or sunset or enjoy time with friends and family.

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  1. Wow – I didn’t know anything like that even existed! I wish I had known about it when I lived in Minnesota and used my screen porch all the time! What a great product Denise. Thanks for introducing me to yet another wonderful idea! 💗

    1. Hi Barbara! I think it’s very clever as well. I wouldn’t promote any products I didn’t find to be truly useful and something I believe glad you like it too. Thanks for stopping in..always great having you visit. 😘

    1. Right?! It’s a very clever idea…why didn’t I think of this great home improvement invention? 😉

    1. So glad you like the product Lynn. Seems like a very clever idea especially if you have a nice view! Always happy to have you visit my friend 🙂 😘

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