Adding Black Accents to a Home

Black home decor is trending big time, but can you add black accents without a complete home remodel?

The answer is yes but it has to be done carefully, without it looking “random”. So many new builds these days are incorporating black into the home design using black iron windows and doors. The look is stunning and elegant. But most of us can’t just replace all our doors and windows to black iron! Hello! Can we still get the look?

How to Add Black Touches to Our Homes Using Paint


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The most economical way to get the look without breaking the bank is with paint, especially if you can do the work yourself. To get a complete look without it looking random, add in other touches like black hardware and iron lighting to the space. We want the space to look planned out and intentional. This dark island looks great with the hardware and hanging lights yet doesn’t make the space too dark. The backsplash is light and has the right amount of elegance without being overpowered by a black island.


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As in the first example, where the island was painted black, painting cabinets and the oven area black is a beautiful pop of dark color along with the wall sconces and bar stools which are also in black. Additional pops of black are in the lighting and island face.


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Black doors! OMG love this look. Black doors and glass panes..magnifique! If you only add one black accent to your home, the front door is where you can get away with it being somewhat “random”. A black door is classic and will always be in style.

First Snow 2020 Revised -23Our front door is black on the inside and outside. We recently painted both sides and love the dark look against our white home. Check out Home Exterior Modernization “One Room Challenge” Final Reveal.


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Black picture doors are just gorgeous! This large framed glass door leading out into the backyard is oversized and makes a grand statement. Painting the frame of an interior door is a bold move and can look harsh if not done right. Light colored drapes were brought in to soften the look as there aren’t many other elements of black in the room.


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This is a lot of black. The checkered black and white floor is the only element used to break up the color, very bold move. The walls, doors, and frames are all covered in black. All black rooms can appear dark, cold, and heavy unless light colored elements are brought into the space to balance the look.


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Black walls! Oh how I love black walls. They give the room a moody look without over powering it, if other light elements are present. In this open concept room, the lower wainscoting and the upper walls are painted black but the flooring and adjacent cabinets are neutral. Check out Tips for Painting Walls Black.


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Painted black railings are stunning! And look particularly stunning with black windows and doors. If the black windows and doors are not present in the home, the look can appear “disjointed” and not well thought out. It’s all about balance, there must be other dark elements in the space.

Bring Black into the Home with Lighting and Furniture


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Black iron pendant lighting is another great way to add touches of black to a room. It’s safe and can be changed out easily if you change the room’s decor down the road. Dark pieces of accent furniture also tie into the look. Balancing light and dark is the tricky part, this hallway has a black window frame, black lighting and dark furniture with all white walls.


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These kitchen cabinets are stained a black/brown and tie into the hardwood floors. An accent piece of stained wood is used on top of the range hood to bring the look together along with a dark colored island.


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This very modern all black kitchen seems heavy and dark but is balanced out with the light rug.

Adding Black Accents to a Bathroom


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Black tiles in the bathroom are becoming more popular too. As an accent this honeycomb wall is the perfect compliment to the black door. It is accentuated by the brushed brass and feels very balanced. The hanging pendants are also black with a touch of brass, tying the look all together.


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A pop of black on the bathtub ties into the small black honeycomb border on the floor. Iron black rimmed mirrors balance the room and make it feel cohesive.


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This stunning kitchen design is grounded by the black windows and accentuated by the black hardware, island, upper cabinet doors, range hood, extraordinary pendants and bar stools. This black and white kitchen is beautifully designed and works in so many ways. It doesn’t need the black upper cabinets to make it a stand out, but the extra pops of black make it a showpiece.

What do you think about black accents in a home?



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