10 Ways to Make Easter Sunday Extra Special

Easter will look very different this year due to the pandemic, unlike any Easter we have ever seen.

Most likely you are feeling the same way. In times of social distancing, we all find these times very challenging and many are struggling to cope. We are social by nature and asking us to stay inside, away from others, is really difficult. Many families have lost loved ones due to Covid-19 and our hearts bleed for them, their Easters will never be the same…nor any part of their lives.

Thank God, no one in our family has contracted the virus, (as far as we know), but all of us are affected in some way by the situation. This year, our Easter celebration will consist of the four of us, only our immediate family. We will very much miss seeing grand parents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. We know this situation is temporary and we are lucky enough to have many more special occasions in the future in which we can enjoy each other and celebrate as a family.

Not sure what we will be eating on Easter, it all depends on what’s in stock at the stores. The most important thing is that we are together and safe.

Tips for Making Easter Feel Special

I feel it’s important to make this day extra special. The days are running together and I’m struggling to remember what day of the week it is. When these difficult times are over, I want everyone in our family to remember Easter Sunday. Years from now, our kids will say..remember when….

So, I am highlighting a few things we are going to do, to make the day feel important and not just another day of staying at home.

Easter Pandemic-151.) Get dressed up. Most of our days are spent at home, and we wear comfy clothes. For Easter I am going to ask my family to dress up in their Sunday best, just like they would for Church or if family were coming to visit.

2.) Eat in the dining room. This will be a rare event for us, our family typically eats in the kitchen, usually at the table and sometimes at the island. If you don’t have a dining room, pick another room in the house where you don’t ordinarily dine.

Easter Pandemic3.) Make a Centerpiece of Fresh Flowers. If you can’t find them in the store pick them from your garden, any flowers will do, clip a few daffodils or a handful of pansies.

I didn’t buy anything new for our Easter table this year, we are using whatever we have on hand, even the flowers.

Easter Pandemic-14I am using some of my favorite Arthur Court pieces on our table. For the centerpiece, I filled our gorgeous Waterford crystal vase with cherry blossoms from our yard and used my Grape Footed Side Dish as a base.

Easter Pandemic-7On the buffet, I added more cherry blossom branches to my blue and white vase HERE, HERE, and HERE. The blooms look so pretty in the vase. They probably won’t last until Easter, but I’ll cut more branches on Sunday morning. Really, the best time to cut branches is before they bloom – right now they are already starting to loose their petals.

Easter Pandemic-13Our cherry blossom trees are in full bloom this week and are spectacular! We go on long walks through our neighborhood and enjoy looking at the tree lined driveways and watching the snowy effect of the wind gently blowing the blooms off the branches.

Easter Pandemic-124.) Take Time to Really Sit and Focus on Each Other. Put away all the devices and really focus on one another for the day. Here’s hoping the weather on Easter Sunday will be beautiful and we can enjoy our view out the window and go for a long walk as a family.

Easter Pandemic-115.) Break out the Fine China and Silverware. Even though, it’s just the four of us, I want to make the day momentous so that means pulling out the Limoges and silver. This will be a special treat for the kids that I hope they will remember.

Easter Pandemic-106.) Celebrate the Day with a Special Drink. My husband and I will enjoy a bottle of wine using our Fleur-de-Lis wine glasses, also from Arthur Court. They are so pretty and coordinate so well with the other accessories on the table.

Easter Pandemic-97.) Pull Out Your Finest Linens. I will use my Belgium linen place mats paired with these pretty antique rimmed chargers, which are the perfect compliment to the wine goblets.

Easter Pandemic-28.) Add Something Sparkly to the Table – I’ve been saving these sparkly napkin rings for a special occasion and this feels like the right time to use them 🙂

Easter Pandemic-69.) Decorate the Room with Candles. Light candles…lots of them.

Easter Pandemic-4There is something so soothing about the soft glow of flickering candles.

Easter Pandemic-310.) Prepare a List of Fun Discussion Topics for Dinner. Since we will be sharing the meal with our kids, asking them fun questions is a great way to get them talking with some thought provoking questions.

  • If you wrote a book, what would you name the main character and what would it be about?
  • If you could design a t-shirt, what would you draw or write on it?
  • What is your favorite memory about being ___ years old?
  • If the story of YOU became a movie, how would the movie end?
  • What’s the funniest thing you saw today/this week?
  • How would you describe a perfect day for you?
  • If we had an airplane to take us on vacation right now, where would you want to go?

Easter Pandemic-1Most importantly enjoy the day with each other. Hide Easter eggs inside the house, go on a scavenger hunt, tell jokes and riddles, play board games, and be thankful for each and everyday.

Happy Easter to you all!



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8 thoughts on “10 Ways to Make Easter Sunday Extra Special

  1. Oh Denise – those gorgeous pictures of your gorgeous table are WONDERFUL!! (I was going to say Gorgeous again, but figured twice was enough!) I had to just stare at them for a while before ordering those beautiful chargers!

    Thank you for all the inspiration, and since I don’t have kids at home, maybe I’ll ask my husband those dinner table questions! ❤️ I know you’ll have a very special Easter my friend!

    1. Hi Barbara! So glad you liked the Easter tablescape and the chargers!! These are very pretty for the price, so glad you like them! Have a wonderful Easter my friend!!

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