Building a Swimming Pool (Step 2) – Laying Gravel and Framing the Spa

Welcome back to our swimming pool and spa build. A lot was accomplished in week 2 of our project.

Seeing progress is so exciting! As many of you saw on my Instagram stories taking a space from nothing to something is such a big visual thrill. Our yard that was just grass now has a big hole in the ground and is looking more and more like a pool everyday!

Week 1 of Building a Swimming Pool

Great progress was made on our pool during week 1. Building a Swimming Pool (Step 1) – Breaking Ground highlights the first steps of the process. Then…a slight bump in the road cost us a pretty penny in Hitting Rock During Inground Pool Construction – What are the Options? But we overcame that messy hurdle quickly and moved forward.

Week 2 of Building a Swimming Pool

Pool Gravel and RebarWeek 2 puts the crew back on track. The huge boulder has been removed and is not a hindrance anymore. The next step in the process is to lay a gravel base.

Pool Gravel and Rebar-1After the gravel has been laid, the crew begins to build up the far end of the pool wall, where the large pieces of machinery created a path into the pool. Bags of cement are used as the base for the wall which I am told is a lot easier than rebuilding a wall of dirt. If it does the same job, I guess it’s okay, no-one will ever know….except you all 😉

The box frame lying on the patio is for the automatic pool cover. It was build by the crew and will be inserted into the ground closest to the patio.

Pool Gravel and Rebar-9Now that the pool wall is built up using bags of cement, framing can resume on the last side. Water pipes are being inserted into the sides and bottom of the pool, along with the pool lighting.

Pool Gravel and Rebar-2The framing for the spa is also being constructed. The spa will be located at the far end of the pool and will spill over into the water.

The weather has been quite cooperative with only a sprinkle here and there. The biggest thunderstorms were mainly at night and didn’t last very long. Lack of rain is good for this project, I’m told there is a possibility of the pool caving in if it sits too long before the gunite is shot 😳




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4 thoughts on “Building a Swimming Pool (Step 2) – Laying Gravel and Framing the Spa

    1. Sunny skies all around! Hoping you have them too Barbara. Really looking forward to warmer weather all around, we are still so chilly..only in the 50s most days. Happy Thursday Barbara

  1. We are in the process of getting quotes for our pool. I don’t want to be nosy, but if you could give me an estimate of how much the process, it would be appreciated. We are looking at a rectangular Gunite pool (with spa) and the size is around the same as yours. I understand if you don’t want to divulge the actual amount but would appreciate an estimated amount. Good luck and keep on blogging. This has been very informative for future pool builders!

    1. Hi, so glad you find the info I am providing useful. I’ve learned that price ranges so much, depending on where you are located in the country. My pool can be 50K less in another part of the US. But for the DC area, a gunite pool our size…expect to pay 6 figures. It’s crazy…I know.

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