Mother’s Day “Silver Teapot Flower Arrangement” Step by Step Guide

Looking for new ways to repurpose what you already own? Pull out those old pieces of silver from the cabinets, give them a quick polish and put them to use by giving mom a special gift she will always remember.

This trend has become popular with brides and homeowners alike. Arranging flowers in vintage teapots is a great way to add elegance to any occasion.

Filling vintage items, found around the house, with flowers is a great way to repurpose them. I recently wrote a tutorial about using a silver punch bowl to create a centerpiece HERE.


Silver Teapots with Flowers Used in Weddings

Brides can easily find silver teapots at thrift stores, garage sales, and antique markets. Low enough to allow easy conversation, an arrangement in a silver teapot creates an ideal tablescape. Choosing a variety of teapots with similar shape and size, and filling them with flowers makes stunning and elegant centerpieces.

How cute would it be for a flower girl to walk down the aisle with her little hands holding the handle of a teapot filled with flowers?


Many Uses for a Silver Teapot Centerpiece

Besides being used in weddings, a silver teapot or coffee pot centerpiece can be used at home on your table for a special occasion, such as Mothers Day, a romantic dinner for two or when guests come over. If using as a centerpiece on a table, Silver pairs beautifully with crystal stemware such as Waterford HERE and crystal accessories HERE.

Another great use is to gift these beauties to special people in your life (mothers, grandmothers, and aunts), creating lasting keepsakes they will cherish forever.


How to Make a Teapot Flower Arrangement

Use a container that is at least 3″ deep. To make your centerpiece truly stand out, give your piece a quick polish before using. It’s okay to have a little patina on the teapot, it adds character and looks pretty.

fullsizeoutput_8558Use wet instant floral foam to give the flowers stability.

fullsizeoutput_855bSlice off the square corners of the foam and soak it in water. Make sure it comes an inch above the rim when placed in the teapot.

fullsizeoutput_855dBuild from the outside in, intersperse spray roses around the base of the arrangement.

fullsizeoutput_855ePlace roses in your teapot in sets of three.

fullsizeoutput_855fContinue to add roses filling in the gaps.

fullsizeoutput_8560I added a bit of Delphinium to the arrangement for color and to create a fuller appearance.

fullsizeoutput_8561I love the way my teapot arrangement looks on our table. It is easy, fun, and a pretty way to dress up a table for any occasion. Go on! Give it a try with your silver pieces! Don’t have any, check this one out HERE.

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