A “White Pumpkin” Fall Table Setting

Creating a tablescape around natural elements is a pretty and fun entertaining idea, with beautiful elements readily available for every season. By perusing supermarket aisles, you can find everything you need to create an easy and natural dining table everyone will enjoy. 

How to Create a Fall Table Around Natural Elements

From cabbages and artichokes to pumpkins and gourds..head to your local market and explore the vegetable aisle for inspiring ideas for your next table.

I created this Fall table around white pumpkins I found at Whole Foods but you can also use faux pumpkins. Autumn is such an amazing time of year when colors change and excitement builds for the holiday season.

As sad as we are to see summer end, my kids are excited thinking about the holidays, like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Their excitement adds to our excitement for the new season too.

Fall and Christmas colors are amongst the most beautiful seasonal colors of the year. Bringing them into ours homes will brighten our mood and focus our attention to comforting thoughts like cooler days, hot chocolate, cozy throws, and warm fires.

IMG_4970I am setting our Fall table for a dinner party for 12 guests.

IMG_4973The centerpieces are bright and easy to make…3 white pumpkins filled with roses and eucalyptus.

IMG_4979I paired a gray linen tablecloth SIMILAR HERE with dinner plates SIMILAR HERE.

IMG_4981And gold toned glassware SIMILAR HERE with white pumpkins.

IMG_4995Seeded eucalyptus SIMILAR HERE is used inside the pumpkins and also tucked into the folded napkins.

IMG_4996For the centerpieces, I used a variety of Fall colored roses in peach, orange, and reddish orange. If you are looking for pretty faux roses, check these out! Available in so many colors and so realistic.

IMG_4999Mini white pumpkins, SIMILAR HERE are perfect to use along the center of the table with a few votive candles and leafy eucalyptus.

IMG_5012White linen napkins with a gray stripe are folded and placed on dinner plates along with silver cutlery.

IMG_5003A couple tall candlesticks are used to add height and ambiance to the table.

fullsizeoutput_75abThe table, set in my kitchen, provides easy access for a buffet styled dinner party. Aren’t these end chairs awesome? If you love them, I found a very similar chairs for a lot less HERE.

fullsizeoutput_75adEasy and fun..the key elements for a successful dinner party. Check out how easy it is to make a pumpkin centerpiece filled with flowers.

What are your favorite elements for a dining table?

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15 thoughts on “A “White Pumpkin” Fall Table Setting

  1. wonderful!
    and side note – i have some of those stemless goblet glasses – someone gave me a set (from Pier 1)
    oh and I love the lighter colors in your fall set up here – because sometimes the fall colors are so overly warm – this lightness is fresh!

    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate the sweet comment. I love light neutrals for Fall, so elegant and easy to transition into the next season.

  2. So beautiful Denise..and so.. “like normal times” if you know what I mean. Maybe that’s the goal of the upcoming season.. to make us feel a bit normal again..to surround ourselves with what we recognize; to find comfort in the food, the decorations, the music, the traditions. I wasn’t going to do one single thing for fall (didn’t feel like it)…seeing your photos is changing my mind.

    1. Hi Cindy, I’m so happy I inspired you! Even the smallest touches make a difference, a Fall scented candle in your kitchen will invoke those feelings you mentioned and get you in the spirit. We all need it after this insane year!! Thanks for being here 🙂

  3. Denise….in your last photo I noticed you have your plantation shutters open. When I was investigating shutters in the spring for my two big front windows the saleslady who came to the house to measure told me I could not leave them open for any length of time as they would sag. So that nixed my dream of nice white shutters as I have beautiful windows I want the chance to look through and open when I wanted. Are yours down to the floor, which I suppose could be left open as they would be anchored? I never made a decision, as lockdown hit in March. I had visions of them opened to the side sometimes. Joni

    1. Hi Joni, I have not experienced any sagging. Seems that if they are good quality and installed properly they should not sag. Don’t quite understand that? Maybe it depends on how they are hung, would they open in the middle like mine or would both panels open to one side? These pictures are from last year, and I have since removed the shutters in our kitchen to allow more light to enter the room. The shutters on the doors are to the floor, but the others are window height.

      1. Um….that’s interesting. That’s what the salesrep who came to the house told me. Mine would be window height. I asked her if she meant they might sag over years, and she said no over weeks? Thanks, for your response. I’ll have to check into it a bit more, maybe try a different company, but not as many choices around here. I went with the company who always decorates the dream homes. I know the shutters to the floor won’t sag but she said the window ones would…..which totally ruined my opinion as I did want to have more light sometimes, and I have beautiful windows.

      2. I didn’t notice any sagging on our shutters and they have been on for over 10 years! Good luck Joni, lmk what you find out.

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