The Best and Most Effective Skin Exfoliation Method EVER

I am so excited to tell you about an amazing exfoliating process my good friend shared with me.

This method of exfoliating is so incredible, you won’t believe the amount of dead skin that will roll off your body. I was so thrilled the first time I tried it, my amazement at the amount of yucky dead stuff that came off was astonishing! I felt like a snake shedding its skin….I’m hooked for life. My skin is softer than it’s been in years, now that I am regularly removing the barrier of dead skin on my body.

This is a weekly ritual that I perform in the shower. Let me explain how it’s done and the products I use to retain the softest and healthiest skin EVER!

Warning: the pictures contained in the post may not be suitable for all viewers..depending on your squeamishness 😉

7 Steps to Exfoliating your Entire Body

Step 1.) Soften skin in the bathtub or shower for 10 – 15 minutes. Warm water will work but I like to use hot water when I shower. The water is not scalding but hotter than some may like, so use a temperature that is comfortable for you.

Tip: You can wash your hair during this process. I like to do a deep conditioning on my hair while I exfoliate. It’s important to tie your hair up in a clip or place a shower cap over your hair when the conditioner is on, not letting it touch or drip onto the skin.

Step 2.) Lather entire body and face with this bar of soap. Yes, it has to be this soap, other soaps will not exfoliate the way this one does. Trust me on this. Rinse soap off body and face and turn the water off.

Step 3.) Using this exfoliating mitt, start by gently rubbing wet skin in a back and forth motion. Increase the intensity to a firmer motion if necessary but never to a painful level. If you don’t see skin rolling off, your skin isn’t ready to be exfoliated and you may need to soak a bit longer.

I start with my feet and work my way up, finishing with my face. You will start to see layers of dead skin ball up into pieces. I feel really strange showing you these pictures, it’s kind of disgusting..but I thought it was important to show you how much dead skin can be removed.

Next, comes the calves….

Then the thighs and the rest of the body. Don’t forget your back! You won’t believe how much comes off of it! So satisfying but gross none the less.

Step 4.) Last is the face, starting with the under chin area. Be careful not to scrub too hard on the face and avoid the delicate under eye area.

Step 5.) Lastly, rinse body off well. I do this entire process in the shower, as lots of dead skin will fall onto the ground. If you have used conditioner, now is the time to wash it off.

Step 6.) Dry body well and follow up with really good skin products.

I have been using my skin care products for 4 years now and still LOVE them. I love them so much, I have become an ambassador for the company so I can discuss and share them with you my readers.

The Best EVER Skin Care Line

I have to start by saying that any skin care line is only as good as the surface it is touching, so you want to have exfoliated skin for the products to adhere to and benefit from. If the products can’t reach fresh skin, because of a layer of dead skin…you won’t get the benefit you are paying for…so exfoliation is key.

OK, so basically, the skin care routine is a 5 step process. I’ll discuss as it relates to my exfoliating process.

  • After exfoliating, I use a peel pad and wipe it over my entire face. These peel pads are an exfoliant on their own, containing a patented ingredient LSR10. They gently remove dead cells to clear and reduce the visibility of pores. So using them after my process – you get double the benefit!
  • Then, I will use the quattro peptide face and eye serum and pat a small amount onto my face. This serum also contains the secret patented ingredient LSR10.
  • Lastly, I follow up with a good broad spectrum moisturizer. My favorite aspect of the moisturizer is that it is tinted and has six color options. I have eliminated foundation from my make up process and only use the tinted moisturizer! It contains vitamin C, tumeric and watermelon extract. You don’t have to get one that is tinted, there is a clear option as well.
  • In the mornings and evenings, I wash my face with a foaming cleanser. In the mornings, I follow up with the serum and moisturizer, in the evenings, I also use the serum and then the Hydralift Cream before going to bed.
  • I also like to use the exfoliating mitt on my face a few times during the week with my EVER cleanser to retain that super fresh layer of skin.

A deep exfoliating, using the soap I mentioned, should only be done once a week, no more – the soap can be very drying.

But my skincare routine…I do every single day.

Mornings – Wash face with foaming cleanser, apply peptide serum, and moisturizer.

Evenings – Wash face with cleanser, use one peel pad over face, apply peptide serum and Hydralift night cream.

It’s that easy to have fabulous glowing skin at any age.

EVER also offers kits for different skin types, there is a kit for dry skin which comes with a cleansing balm that will not dry out the skin.

There is also a kit for normal skin, in which the cleanser has a foaming consistency which is wonderful for not too dry and not too oily skin.

EVER also offers a regimen for Oily skin which contains an oil free version of the night cream Hydralift – not pictured.

I have been using the products so long, I customize my kit for combination skin. I like the foaming cleanser and an extra rich night cream which is fabulous! Did I mention that the tinted moisturizer comes in 6 different shades of color. I used a medium color on my skin.

These are some other products I use regularly. Every few days, I use the overnight facial oil for a deep cellular renewal. It feels so nice on my skin, which sucks it up. I also use the retinol smoother under my eyes every few days which also feels amazing… but not every night. There is also an eye corrector that I use and an intensive eye lift cream for everyday use.

One of my favorite products that sells out quickly are the self tanning drops. I add one of two drops to my products every couple days and voila instant tan! 😉

EVER also has a make up line we can discuss another day. EVER is part of the Stella and Dot jewelry line. Launching in 2016, the skin care was an instant hit with several award winning all natural products. I have been using it EVER since. If you are interested in viewing or ordering any of these products, I invite you to check out my page HERE. I am also happy to answer any questions you may have, drop me a line and we can chat. I can also offer free shipping to the first 5 customers who order so please reach out to me thru my website HERE if I can help you select products. Please also check out the jewelry, which makes great gifts for all the ladies on your Christmas list! And as always, you can also reach me at


A picture from this Halloween weekend after I had just exfoliated…showing off my glowing skin 😉



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