Easy Way to Cut those Low Hanging Tree Branches

Our River Birch trees lose a lot of tiny branches. I often pick up the dead twigs from the lawn that the winds blow down. Whenever possible, we use the small branches to build a fire in our backyard brick pit.

Besides the small annoyance of the tiny dead twigs causing a mess, the trees are magnificent and thriving in our front yard. The weeping branches of the River Birch trees grow very long and can hang quite low and cause damage to our vehicles on the driveway.

The Importance of Limbing Up Trees in Your Yard goes into more detail about a full on shaping and manicuring of the yard, but sometimes in a pinch, we want to trim a few low lying branches quickly.

Gardening Tip of the Day

We found this tool to do just that! This pruning tool makes it so easy to trim high branches without a ladder.

My husband is the one who always trims the branches when needed, mainly because they would start scraping the top of his truck!

I was very surprised at how easy the tool was to use for trimming. The first time I used it was to trim the odd looking branches off our crate myrtle trees. The ones that just pop up out of nowhere and have no business being there, you know the ones I’m talking about. I actually enjoyed using the tool and found it to be great fun! The tool extends to 12 feet and cuts branches over an inch thick with very little effort.

A light shaping is all we need on our trees and we can still enjoy the beautiful hanging shape of the branches. I hope you found this gardening tip helpful! Until next time



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