Get it for Less! Large Floor Leaner Mirror

Do you love leaner mirrors as much as I do? We have this magnificent grande mirror in our foyer and I use it all the time. Checking myself before going out? Trying on a new outfit? Or maybe just for decorating the space!

It’s a large statement piece and it’s magnificent. But it was a bit on the pricey side.

The one I have is the grande mirror, the slightly smaller one can be found HERE.

I love decorating the mirror at Christmastime and using it to cast that beautiful reflective glow of the tree in our foyer.

But I have great news! I have found a dupe for so much less HERE. The size is comparable to the smaller mirror not the grande but still a big price difference!

It also has lovely details on the edges to give it that french country look. What do you think?

I try to bring you as many money saving opportunities as possible. I love a good bargain as much as anyone else and if I can find one, I will definitely pass it along 😉 Hope you love this find.

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2 thoughts on “Get it for Less! Large Floor Leaner Mirror

  1. Wow! Thanks for doing the shopping for us – they’re both beautiful, and for that price difference, I’d definitely be interested in the less expensive one! I love what you’ve done with yours. Such beautiful reflections! ♥

    1. Thanks Barbara! Glad you like the dupe for so much less! The mirrors really do make a statement in the home, we love ours.

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