Things to Consider When Deciding to Add a Bathroom to a Pool House

Yup, I’m back again for another edition of “things to consider”.

If you have been following along on our Pool and Pool House project, you have most likely read:

Today, I want to talk a bit about things to consider when deciding to add a bathroom to a pool house. The decision is big and a lot of thought should go into making it. Let’s start by talking about the positive aspects of having an outdoor bathroom.

Positive Aspects of Adding a Bathroom to a Pool House

1.) Convenience of having a changing room and a place to shower before and after going in the pool. No mom wants kids running through the house with wet bathing suits. Besides being a dangerous slipping hazard, keeping the “wetness” outside is a really nice idea 🙂


2.) Convenience of having a toilet outside close to the pool. Can’t beat that! And we definitely want to encourage our guests and especially their kids to use the toilet while playing in the pool and spa! Right!! 😉 Let’s make the facilities as easy as possible to get to, when you really have to go.

3.) You are adding a whole new bathroom to your house! This is beneficial for so many reasons like when guests come to stay. If there are not enough bathrooms inside, they can use the exterior bathroom and have a completely private space all to themselves. Woop Woop!

4.) Adding another bathroom onto your property can and will most likely boost the resale value of your home. Having a pool and a pool house is great but having a bathroom with the pool and pool house is amazing! Adding an outdoor bathroom is an investment in your home.

5) Major convenience that during large gatherings and parties, the guests stay outdoors and not everyone is traipsing through your house. The outdoor bathroom is close to the pool house and easy to access and use.

Negative Aspects of Adding a Bathroom to a Pool House

Now let’s discuss the one big negative…the cost! Yikes. It can be outrageous to build this new space. A lot of work goes into building a whole new bathroom. You need plans, permits, plumbing, water lines, gas line, septic work if you are not on public water…to name a few.

In What Does it Take to Add Running Water and a Bathroom to a Pool House, I discuss our experience of running the water line. You can see from the pictures that a lot went into just this piece of the puzzle.

What Does it Cost to Add a Bathroom Outside?

Pre COVID pricing around our area would run anywhere between 25-40K to add a bathroom to a pool house.

In Hindsight, Would I do it Again?

You betcha! I am super glad we added one to our pool house. It was recently completed and we have used it quite a bit so far. It’s an investment in our home and I don’t have any regrets!

You can watch a video of the bathroom HERE.

Obviously, a personal decision and budget will be the single most deciding factor for most people.

You definitely have to weigh the pros and cons of adding a full bathroom to your outdoor project. A few questions to ask yourself are:

  • How much will you use it?
  • Will a bathroom make your outdoor experience more enjoyable?
  • Do you have a place to put the bathroom?
  • Is it practical to add a bathroom to your outdoor space?
  • Do you have to run septic for the space? (Another big cost)

Other Options to Consider Instead of Adding a Full Outdoor Bathroom

1.) Add a half bath with no shower. This will cut down on cost.

2.) Add a separate outdoor shower for guests to hose off before and after going in the pool.

3.) Plan your pool and outdoor space to be as close as possible to the main house. Can you dedicate a basement bathroom to be the pool bathroom? In our prior home, we had a walkout basement and used the lower level bathroom as the “Pool” bathroom.

4.) Can you convert another space in your home to a bathroom that can be used for the pool? I considered this option for our enclosed sunroom. I thought about turning it into a bathroom. Depending on the situation, it may be more cost effective to convert a current space but in other instances, it may be more expensive…something to think about and research.

I hope this helps you think about what goes into adding an exterior bathroom and some possibilities for your space.

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  1. Great points Denise – So much work, time, and expense; but it looks like it’s already paying off. Your pool house bathroom is lovely, and I can imagine how nice it is to have it there. Plus resale will be great – assuming you could ever leave that wonderful house! 🙂 Hope you enjoy your 4th of July weekend, and thanks as always for the beautiful inspiration!

    1. Hi Hon! I hope you have the best 4th of July Barbara! Always great to hear from you my friend 😘

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