My 10 Home Decor Styling Tips to Create a Stylish and Balanced Room

Sharing my 10 Home Decor Styling Tips to make any room totally fabulous, functional, comfortable, and stylish! Let’s get this partay started! Woop Woop!

We all want a comfortable and stylish home. We want our homes to feel lived in, a place to relax with our families and most importantly we want our homes to feel like a home 🙂

I’m sharing my tips to make any room feel comfortable yet look stylish as well. 

If you prefer to watch a video of my tips, you can view it HERE.

10 Home Decor Styling Tips a la Happy Haute Home

Styling Tip #10 – Pillows

Use pillows and lots of them! Different shapes, sizes, colors, patterns and textures. Add in a karate chop at the end to give it that little “je ne sais quoi” 😉

Pillows make a room feel homey and comfortable, a place where you want to hang out. They are so interchangeable too…one of the best and simplest home accessories ever.

Styling Tip #9 – Style in groups of three

This just means that objects look better when styled together in a group of three. You can use similar objects or different objects for the styling. I prefer to use different objects. I also suggest if you use more than three objects, make sure you have an odd number, like five, seven, or nine.

Styling Tip #8 – Wall Art

Wall art, pictures, plates etc should be hung at eye level, which is approximately 55-60 inches off the ground. Use colors you have in the room for your wall art as well to coordinate and make the space feel cohesive.

Styling Tip #7 – Pattern

Bring pattern into the room with pillows and throws. Maybe you aren’t ready to commit to a patterned wall paper or floor tile, that’s ok. Patterns can be scary – they seem so….permanent! Start small, and bring in things that can be changed out such as fun art or vases.

Styling Tip #6 – Scale

I have talked about scale a lot in prior posts. Hugely important in designing any space or structure. The furniture, lighting, fireplace, mirrors all have to be proportionate to the room you are designing. You can’t place a small vase on a big mantel, it will get lost and look out of place.

Styling Tip #5 – Color

Adding color to a room can completely change the look of the space. Whether it be by painting walls a dark color or bringing in a colorful piece of furniture. I added this blue cabinet to the room and it makes the space feel “finished”. The pop of color is perfect and it blends beautifully.

Styling Tip #4 – Lamps

Adding lamps finishes a room. Whether it be floor lamps or table lamps, the glow and the look make a room feel complete and lived in.

Styling Tip #3 – Add Black

I like to add at least one black item to every room. In this case, the black marble around the fireplace was left in place when I painted the mantel years ago. I find the color grounds the room, it’s striking and draws your eye to it immediately. Whether it’s in the furniture, fabric, artwork or fireplace – every room needs black.

Our large birdcage chandelier is another example of a large black item that immediately draws the eye upwards.

Styling Tip #2 – Balance and or Symmetry

So incredibly important in a space. I love symmetry but it’s not necessary – if you don’t love it that’s fine. But balance is super important in making a space look right to the eye. If you have three large items on the left, you can’t have one small item on the right of the room. You have to balance the space with proportionate looking items and pieces.

Styling Tip #1 – Plants

Every room should have plants…period. Live or faux…every room needs greenery. Our fiddle leaf trees are live and so easy to care for…water once a week and done! Simple! Great for the environment and they look beautiful too.

I hope you enjoyed reading my 10 tips to style any room. Some of the tips seem so easy and basic. Many people follow these in their homes already, it’s just when you add them all together into a room – that you get the lived in, stylish looking space we all desire.

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13 thoughts on “My 10 Home Decor Styling Tips to Create a Stylish and Balanced Room

  1. Oh my goodness, breathtaking but in a gentle way. I am beginning to feel like we are old friends as I remember when you first got that china cabinet and how you used the white weave vases at Christmas. You truly are an inspiration. The room looks so comfortable and not designed at all. Thank you for your posts, I always look forward to them

    1. Hi Karen, you are too sweet. I’m so happy to have you here and your words just made my day. Thank you for your message, it is an inspiration for me 🙂

  2. Thanks – enjoyed the nice flow of your ten tips – I agree that pillows can soften and warm the room – even help with pattern if needed –
    Oh and the tip for black – hmmm never thought about it and the marble on the fire place is nice
    Also / your chandelier fits your room so well – (I checked the link too and it was on sale for 240$) anyhow / it is great in your space

    1. Hi! SO glad you enjoyed the tips! The black tip is an old one of mine that I always follow and it seems more relevant today than ever! My specific chandy is no longer available so I linked a similar one. The one linked is smaller but same style and yes a great price – fraction of what I paid!

      1. Wow A the one I looked at seemed big so I can only imagine how large yours is- and you have the height for it so that is good!
        And such a great chandelier with the round softness and elegance ….

      2. I tried to leave a comment on one of your posts, but don’t think it went through, not sure what the problems was?

  3. Thanks for the beautiful post and great tips. I love using pillows as well but not sure what to do with them when people want to sit on the chairs and sofa. I usually tell them to just throw them on the floor. Any suggestions?

    1. I would suggest buying pillows that fit your sofa and can be used with the sofa. In other words, don’t use pillows that have to be thrown on the floor because they take up too much space on the sofa. Pillows are meant to be enjoyed and compliment a sofa for looks and comfort 🙂

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