Kettle Corn Recipe at Home Using “Secret” Ingredients

You asked and here it is! The long awaited Kettle Corn Recipe!

The excitement is building, I can feel it. It’s been a long time coming, and I’m delivering on my promise to share this tutorial with you. It has taken me some time to find the perfect ingredients and test products but I now have a perfect kettle corn recipe to share!

Let me take you back to when this all started. Before COVID, I shared a video on my YouTube channel and my blog on How to Make Authentic “Movie Theater” Popcorn.

The video became super popular during the pandemic and is still doing exceptionally well today with over 160,000 views. I guess many peeps were missing the taste of that delicious salty addictive popcorn we all know and love, and until now thought we could only get in the theaters. So, I created a video revealing the secret to making the popcorn and getting that movie theater taste at home.

Since then, I’ve been asked many times to do a video on how to make kettle corn, so here it is! You can watch it HERE.

I have a confession, when we were filming the video, I forgot to take pictures! UGH! I apologize for that, so the pics are limited with the exception of me posing in front of the machine 🙂

I’ll also put links to the ingredients at the end of the post so you can replicate this treat at home. Let’s get started! But before we jump into the how, I want to share a few tips to making the best kettle corn.

Tips for Making the Best Kettle Corn

  • It’s important to use high quality kernels to get the best taste from your popcorn batch. We really like Pop Secret and so far it has not let us down.
  • Make sure to use white coconut oil. The regular variety comes white and that is what you want. In my prior video I recommend beta carotene oil, which has a color, do not use that oil for kettle corn.
  • I really like Pappy’s kettle mix. It delivers great quality taste and the perfect amount of sweetness. The amount of mix you add to the batch depends on the size of your canister. If your kettle is 8 oz, divide by 2 and add that much kettle mix. So for an 8 oz kettle, I will add 4 ounces kettle mix.
  • The “secret ingredient” for that perfect salty taste is Flavacol!
  • Turn the machine off before all kernels have popped. We don’t want to burn the popcorn, so it’s better to have a few unpopped kernels that risk burning the batch.
  • Caution! Be very careful not to burn yourself with the caramelized kernels. They are super hot! I had a kernel pop out of the machine and land on the top of my foot. It left a huge blister on my skin 😳

How to Make Kettle Corn at Home with a Popcorn Machine Using the Secret Ingredients

Here is what you will need to yield about 30 cups of kettle corn.

Directions for Making Perfect Kettle Corn at Home

1.) I always use our popcorn machine for the best tasting treat. Using the machine is a bit more work because of the clean up, but I have you covered with this video tutorial on how to clean the machine.

2.) Start by turning the light and machine on. Add the popcorn and oil to the canister. If you prefer, you  can use the all in one packs that contain both the oil and the popcorn.

3.) After about 3-4 minutes, you will hear the first pop. Once you hear that first kernel pop, add the kettle mix and close the lid. My kettle is 8 ounces, so I am adding 4 ounces kettle mix to the batch.

4.) Listen to the popping of the kernels and turn the machine off when the popping slows down. We don’t want to risk burning the batch, nothing worse that burnt popcorn!

5.) Release the canister and remove all popcorn into the machine. Mix the popcorn with the scooper. The unpopped kernels will fall into the holes at the bottom of the machine leaving you with perfectly popped corn.

6.) Season the batch with 2 teaspoons salt and enjoy that perfect sweet kettle corn in these cute bags with your friends and family. It tastes just like you would get at the shore or your favorite fair!

Let me know what you think of the recipe.

Links to the Items Used to Make Kettle Corn.




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