How to Build a Coffered Ceiling

During our recent dining room renovation, one of the features we added to the room was a coffered ceiling. A coffered ceiling adds dimension and texture to a space and is a wonderful addition for high ceilings. A coffered ceiling is achieved by installing wood or fiberboard planks to create a grid pattern. Molding or other decorative elements can also be added to the grid, depending on the look you are trying to achieve. Coffered ceilings are also commonly referred to as sunken ceilings.

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Master Bedroom Renovation and Remodel

Picking the right paint color can turn your master bedroom into the personal retreat you crave. The paint color you choose will define your space and reflect your personality and style. Today’s master bedrooms are typically larger than the ones we had growing up. It’s important to take into account all the spaces in your bedroom, and combine the correct colors and layers to create your unique look. Continue reading “Master Bedroom Renovation and Remodel”

Modern Farmhouse Family Room – How To Bring Out the Best Features in Your Room

We all want a room in our home where our family gathers to watch a movie, play games, chat about our day and enjoy time together. This room can have features such as a fireplace, a television, and lounging area. But most important it needs to be inviting, a place you want to hang out. Continue reading “Modern Farmhouse Family Room – How To Bring Out the Best Features in Your Room”