Build a Princess Room with Painted Wall Stripes

Nothing transforms a room more than a fresh coat of paint. It is such an inexpensive way to add a new fresh look. When our children transitioned from cribs to beds, we wanted to decorate their rooms in a way that would allow a move from toddler to tween years. (But we moved and it didn’t really work out that way).  But anyway, with that intent in mind, we painted stripes in their rooms on one focal wall.

In my son’s room, we added baby blue and brown stripes. We painted the entire room baby blue. After allowing the paint to dry completely, we created the space where we wanted to add the dark brown stripes. Using a level, we added painter’s tape every 10″. So as not to get confused when we were painting, we marked every other stripe with a small piece of blue tape.


We painted 2 coats of dark brown between the 10″ spaces.


Once the paint was thoroughly dry, we removed the painters tape.


It turned out beautifully!img_0133


We did a very similar focal wall in my daughter’s room when she transitioned out of a toddler bed as well. We wanted to surprise her with a beautiful Princess bedroom. We created one wall of painted stripes, different widths by using 2 shades of pink, black and white paint. We started by painting the entire room light pink. We used blue painter’s tape to create the lines, which were 10 inches apart. Since we were adding 4 colors to this wall, we created many more sections using painter’s tape. We created 3 different sections of tape, spacing each differently to get the look we wanted. After allowing each section to dry, the result was beautiful, a focal wall of dark and light pink, black and white.

img_0132 I added light green sheer curtains to the windows to keep the room light, and painted the ceiling a light green shade as well. I chose a white iron canopy bed and added sheer pink and black curtains on the rails. Added some Paris themed pillows to the bed, and we had a beautiful princess room!

img_0535img_0531What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Build a Princess Room with Painted Wall Stripes

  1. Aww this room is definitely fit for a princess! ❤️ I bet she loved it all those years ago. Plus she’s absolutely darling!

    1. Aw thank you! I miss those early years. Those were the days I could do whatever I wanted to her room!! Not so much anymore!

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