Powder Room Mini Makeover

Nothing makes me more crazy than moving into a house and having to deal with someone else’s wallpaper! Okay, maybe there are a few other things that make me crazy, but this is high on the list!

Wallpaper is such a personal taste. For me, choosing to add wallpaper to a room is not a decision to be entered into lightly. Installing and removing wallpaper is not for the faint of heart. I would have to absolutely love the wallpaper before I made a commitment to use it in a room. I will be looking at it everyday and will probably get sick of the design very quickly. I am also someone that likes to change up my design frequently and find it easier to change paint than wallpaper.

If I feel I can’t get the look I want in a room from paint and want to choose wallpaper, I would go neutral and use the wallpaper more for adding texture to a room. Wallpaper can be beautiful in a room and definitely add elegance.

Here is the before picture of our powder room…with YES….wallpaper!


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Talk about builder grade sink, faucet, and toilet.And where is the mirror? Hello!

It’s all so matchy matchy. This room was in dire need of a mini makeover. I call it mini, because the room is very small and I didn’t have much choice in choosing what to do in the room because of its size.

I wanted to remove the 12×12 tiles, and the tiny light 5 ft up the mirror-less wall had to go as well. I also wanted to get rid of the brass plumbing for the toilet. Did I mention the toilet had a constant leak and kept setting off the septic alarm?

When we replaced the oak hardwood floors in our home, we pulled up the tile in the powder room and added wide plank maple floors to the bathroom. You can read more about that (HERE).

Next step, remove the wallpaper! No easy task. The walls in the powder room are 10′ high, so it took quite a while to get it all down, piece by miserable piece.

We painted the room a sea-blue color and installed a beautiful pedestal Kohler sink (HERE) and a new matching Kohler toilet (HERE). I love the look of this pedestal sink, it gives any powder room a formal look, and this Kohler sink is very stately. It also comes in 11 colors and I love that you can set paper napkins neatly on the side of the sink for guests.


I have always loved waterfall faucets and decided I wanted one in this powder room. This sink comes predrilled with 3 holes, but it is also available with a single hole. I chose a 3 piece 8″ wide faucet (SIMILAR)

Notice the double toilet roll holder? (SIMILAR)  What ingenuity! It was perfect! No more running out of toilet paper, there is always a spare roll handy. A frameless beveled mirror was perfect for the large space above the sink (SIMILAR).

I have always liked towel rings on the wall, they are great for kids and keep the bathroom neat and tidy. I chose a square towel holder for the wall and a towel bar for above the toilet (SIMILAR). The towel bar above the toilet can be used for decorative towels and the wall holder is used everyday.

Last touch, was to change out the brass toilet connector to a stainless steel line (HERE).

What do you think of the final result? Drop me a line. Thanks for stopping by.ct-powder-room-ba

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