Creating Statement Windows & Doors by Increasing the Height of the Frames

If you’re following my blog, you know by now that I am always looking for ways to upgrade frames, doors, walls, windows or anything I can find around the house that appears too plain or unappealing. Sometimes plain or understated is beautiful but sometimes it is down right BORING!

Being overstated isn’t a look I’m going for either, and the windows and doors in our home were way overstated in my opinion. Take a look at the heavy valances over the windows and doors dragging down the look of the beautiful plantation shutters.fullsizeoutput_6ef1fullsizeoutput_6ef2fullsizeoutput_6ef3

Step one, remove all drapes!

Already the kitchen appears lighter and brighter.fullsizeoutput_6eeb

But it did seem that something was missing, we now had a couple feet above the windows with blank space.

We added 16″ of trim to give the windows and doors more height and drama.

To begin the project we removed the top piece of trim from the windows and doors.fullsizeoutput_6ef5

Then we added a rounded piece of trim across the top of the window and a piece of MDF board to each window and door. To save on the cost of the project, we chose MDF wood but real wood is certainly a good option as well.

A piece of crown molding on top of the MDF board completed the transformation.fullsizeoutput_6ef6fullsizeoutput_6eea

We did a color match to the existing trim for paint color. To do this, get a small paint chip from your project, in our case we took a piece of the old widow trim and went to our local Home Depot and they matched the existing color. fullsizeoutput_6eeffullsizeoutput_6eeefullsizeoutput_6eed

The extra 16″ really added a dramatic effect to the space. I chose 16″ because we have 11′-12′ ceilings. If your project is 8′-10′, I would add a total of 12″ as the extension.

What do you think? Will you try this in your home? Let me know. Thanks for
stopping by.

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