How to Quiet Squeaky Garage Doors

I am certainly no garage door expert, but I did learn a thing or two when we needed to have garage professionals come to our home for a repairs service call.

As with anything that has a motor, I learned we should be oiling our garage doors parts to keep them in optimal working order, and cut down on the noise level when opening and closing. I have to admit, we have NEVER oiled any garage door EVER! But the noise here was really getting to me.

Here is a video clip of our garage door before I oiled them, take a listen. Turn your volume all the way up to get maximum effect of the scratchy, squeaky sound.


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Pretty bad eh? Sounds like it is really struggling. Our garage experts recommend lithium based lubricant (HERE).  I ordered a can from Amazon and put it to the test.

IMG_7659I was told to oil all the joints, there are several down the middle.

IMG_7663And in between the components of the openers. It is not recommended to oil the track.

IMG_7661IMG_7666I also oiled the springs, all the way across the top of the door.


IMG_7739Also oiled the rods that opens the door. Notice the white substance? That’s the oil grease.

IMG_7740Make sure to oil both sides of the track.

I went back over and oiled the areas a few times, as the door was still making a scratchy sound.

After a few days of the door opening and closing regularly, the scratchy sound disappeared. Take a listen.


Big improvement! Do you hear the difference? I’m a believer. From now on, we will oil our garage door components on a regular basis.

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