Redesigning My Website

I have been blogging for almost a year now. My journey began in November 2016 when I decided I want to share my home projects with you. I simply created a WordPress site and started blogging. I had no idea what I wanted my site to look like, all I knew was that I wanted to get content out.

When I started 10 months ago, I felt like a college kid entering freshman year. You are asked what major do you want to focus on….uh….I don’t know…do I really have to figure that out now? Why can’t I go through freshman year (party a little)…then I will be able to decide on a major? 🙂

Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way for college, but sometimes in life we do get to take it slow, get our feet wet, and slowly decide on our course. That’s what I did with blogging and now I have a clearer vision for my website and its content. For some, a website vision is clear, they have a business or product to sell, but for blogging it can go so many different ways…you really need to figure it out as you go along…at least I do.

So, I have spent the last 2 days redesigning my site. I am certainly no aficionado when it comes to website design or any other IT related issues. One of the biggest changes to my site is the creation of subcategories to make it easier to locate particular areas of interest. Personally, it drives me nuts when I go to a site and I can’t find what I’m looking for, or it looks messy. Instead of hanging around and muddling through it, I move on…can’t be bothered. I also really wanted a new look and feel for the site, and after spending 6 hours chatting with wordpress online, another 12 hours trying to figure all this S*** out myself, blood, sweat and tears (ok…kidding about the blood) I came up with a new site design!

So without further ado…I’d like to present my new website!!! YAY! WooHoo….clapp clapp….woop woop, and a little dance that I made it through!


I invite you in to look around. I am still in the process of making changes, so bare with me. I would love to get your feedback on the new design…please drop me a line and let me know what you think. So happy you visited and come back again!

You can follow along on Instagram (HERE) too. See you soon!

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    1. Hi Crystal. I am now using the Didi theme in but all themes have limitations, just depends on what you are prepared to accept and deal with – haven’t found the perfect theme yet.

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