How to Make Velvet Pumpkins Step by Step Guide

Have you noticed all the velvet pumpkins in the stores this season? They are beautiful and a perfect Fall decor accessory for the home. But have you also noticed the price tags?

I’m going to show you how to make your own velvet pumpkins for way less, and it couldn’t be easier! If you know how to sew on a button, you can sew a pumpkin.


Here is what you will need.

Stretchy fabric, such as velvet or velour
Real stems (dried) from pumpkins, squash, gourd, or anything with a stem
Glue Gun (HERE)
Poly-Fil (HERE)
Needle and Thread

IMG_8820The stretchy velvet selection at Joanne’s wasn’t very impressive, so I used a panne fabric for my pumpkins (HERE) , (not to mention real velvet fabric is expensive)! Panne is very reasonably priced and one yard is plenty to make several pumpkins, I made three and have material left over.

IMG_8821Using a dish plate for your template, cut around the plate with a pair of sharp scissors. If your circle isn’t perfect, no big deal.

IMG_8823With a needle and thread, sew around the edges of your fabric.

IMG_8828Pulling gently on the thread, gather the fabric together. Add some filler and beans until you’re happy with the density of the pumpkin.

IMG_8829The fabric gathers nicely and creates attractive pleats.

IMG_8830Sew up the hole by weaving in and out several times until all the ends are sewn together. Make sure to finish with a couple knots so your pumpkin doesn’t come unraveled later on. If you’re satisfied with the look, you can stop here and attach your stem with a glue gun.

IMG_8835To get more of a natural pumpkin shape, take the needle and stick it through the top until it comes out the bottom and reinsert it back into the bottom until it comes out the top and repeat several times, pulling on the thread each time to tighten it and get that natural pumpkin shape.


IMG_8841Lastly, using a glue gun, attach the stems to the pumpkins.

fullsizeoutput_749bThey turned out perfectly and were so easy to do. I used 2 different plate sizes for smaller and larger pumpkins.

IMG_8878Give it a shot! Try different fabrics besides velvet for real designer pumpkins. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, feel free to pass it along and share.

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