Old Lucketts Store Christmas Design Tour

A couple weekends ago, I ventured out to the Design House at the Old Lucketts Store in Virginia.  The design house is a monthly interior showcase where creative minds come together and design amazing spaces.

The highly anticipated annual Christmas event is a design extravaganza and truly inspiring. In fact the event is so popular, I stood in line for 2 hours to get into the design house…on a Friday morning!

Luckily for me, the weather was beautiful on this crisp Fall day and I passed the time by chatting with 2 lovely ladies standing in line behind me for a good portion of the time. The owners of the Old Lucketts Store were so very gracious and handed out bottles of water, cookies, and Halloween candy to their patrons waiting in line.

The Old Lucketts Store is a 138 year old restored general store and family home.  Built in 1879 by the Luckett family, it was restored and brought back to life in 1996 by owner Suzanne Eblen, her husband Pat, and countless friends and workmen.  The shop now is home to 35+ dealers who specialize in antiques, vintage finds, and just plain cool stuff!

In addition to the store, Lucketts is home to The Design House and the host to monthly and annual special events.

As I wait in line, I take in all there is to see…vendors line the area outside the design home with vintage goods, keeping us occupied until we step inside the design home.

fullsizeoutput_7580This is the barn leading up to the home, which is so nicely decorated with a horse and buggie.

IMG_9295Antlers galore!

IMG_9296This was a popular spot to stop and take pictures on this oversized chair.

IMG_9298Small out buildings line the path to the design home and were beautifully decorated.




IMG_9302.jpgThis tree is stunning, flocked and silver…just beautiful!


IMG_9309I pass an old charming barn along the way adorned with a giant wreath.

IMG_9317We are almost to the door of the home.

IMG_9321Walking up the front porch steps.

IMG_9325Now, I’m on the porch, almost to the front door! The anticipation is killing me!

IMG_9327I’m inside!!! WooHoo! I enter all the rooms slowly eager to see more.

IMG_9329I am amazed by all the work that went into preparing this event.


IMG_9336Each room has a different decor.

IMG_9338And so individually unique.














fullsizeoutput_7588The second floor hallway was so beautiful and so originally decorated.




fullsizeoutput_758cThat’s the end of the tour, and now I am leaving the home but stop to admire this door. No detail was overlooked during the preparation of this showcase.

fullsizeoutput_758dVintage finds everywhere.

fullsizeoutput_758fWas it worth the 2 hour wait? Most definitely!

If you’re in the area, I encourage you to check it out. Feel free to tweet, pin, and repost this article. Follow along on Instagram HERE and subscribe to Happy Haute Home to get bi-weekly posts delivered to your inbox.

6 thoughts on “Old Lucketts Store Christmas Design Tour

  1. Thank you for sharing!! My paternal relatives originated in that area. I haven’t been to Luckett’s for several decades. So grateful for what you shared, am saving it to Pinterest. Grateful!

    1. How exciting! So happy you enjoyed it, it’s such a beautiful area and is growing everyday. I love visiting the wineries and breweries out that way.

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