(KETO) Low Carb Recipe – Oven “Grilled” Asian Chicken Thighs

Here is another delicious low carb recipe brought to you from Happy Haute Home. Whether you are following the Atkins, Ketogenic, or Paleo diet, this one is a sure winner.

I have made this recipe so many times, now I buy a large pack of 8-10 thighs and quadruple the ingredients so I can eat this meal for a week! Here is what you will need to get started. This recipe is from the ruled.me cookbook.



2 6 oz. Chicken Thighs (Bone In, Skin On)
1/2 tbsp. Olive Oil
1 tbsp. Reduced Sugar Ketchup
1 tbsp. Rice Wine Vinegar
2 tsp. Sriracha
1/2 tsp. Minced Garlic
1/2 tsp. Minced Ginger
1/4 tsp. Xanthan Gum
Salt and Pepper to Taste

The recipe makes 2 servings


NexeGrqnTzaPRpNHJoc+JQCombine all sauce ingredients together in a small container.

7+2tJOD8QMaygXHF1DPDngMix until a thick paste is formed.

fullsizeoutput_8749Debone the chicken thighs if you wish and pat dry. Season both sides with salt and pepper.

Coat the chicken with sauce on both top and bottom. Lay the chicken thighs on a wire rack over a baking sheet.

fullsizeoutput_8750Bake for 40-50 minutes until skin is crisp and charring appears.

fullsizeoutput_8752Remove from oven and let rest.

fullsizeoutput_875fEnjoy your low carb meal with spinach or vegetables, the chicken is very tender and has a fabulous tangy taste.

If you try this recipe, let me know! I love hearing from my readers.

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    1. Yes definitely! Love low carb recipes, a few ingredients can really add to the flavor or the chicken.

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