Hardscape Design – Patio Demolition (Part 1)

I have been very impressed with the execution and speed from my landscaping company in demolishing our existing patio and fireplace.

Within a week, the brick patio was removed, the fireplace demolished and new concrete was laid.

This is in stark contrast to the length of time it took to restore our front walkway HERE, four weeks plus! For many reasons, we decided against hiring the company that restored our front walkway again. We hired a different company to complete the back patio project. The front walkway project took way too long, mainly due to the fact that not enough workmen were dedicated to the job. In addition there are a couple issues with the walkway that need addressing…I’ll keep you posted about that progress.

Reasons to Tear Apart an Existing Patio

Let’s take a look at the reasons behind our decision to rip up the existing patio.

z5%ThP8zQKOmUd2K2zGdLgThe existing bricks are laid in a pretty herringbone pattern. With a good cleaning, could we bring this patio back to life?

tl71d+04QBedAuQEWWklpQI wish…but sadly no. The bricks are badly crumbled.

X394qmHDQfa7Rf6upeq2UwIn numerous area of the patio, the bricks are beyond repair.

Even if we could fix existing cracked areas, new cracks will continue to appear overtime. Several contractors suggested laying new stone over the existing brick. While we entertained this idea…mainly due to the cost benefits, we decided it wasn’t the proper way to repair the space. What if we laid new stone over the existing stone and the bricks continue to crack beneath the new stone..what a mess that could be in the future.

It was a tough pill to swallow but ultimately, we decided the best decision was to start the patio from scratch.


Tearing Apart the Brick Patio

The process of digging up the existing brick begins. With the proper tools and numerous workmen on the job, the demolition was done swiftly.

zo35dnZdTWy%VGJk6Y1Lng Jack hammers are used to break up the bricks and a backhoe is used to carry the debris from the construction site.

EujJpJzYTv2rUdbfnr0JmQThe walkway leading to the screened in porch is ripped up as well.

VAxpGEAgSsad%qSRK3RDFwThe area was cleared in less than a day..impressive speed.


Removing the Granite Countertop from the Outdoor Kitchen

The granite countertop was removed from the outdoor kitchen bar. It was being held up by wood posts, supported by the brick patio. We will have to secure the countertop back on the island with support brackets to hold the weight of the granite.
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3WjrL%+sRi+ZLS4%0xEv4gThe two steps in front of the kitchen door are removed. Three new steps will be built, the third step creates a landing space for entering and exiting through the door.

mvT7njCBQfSSJYE4%9HuTgHeavy rain the evening after the demolition, created a bit of flooding. But happy to see the water is leading away from the house due to the slope of the concrete.

Next up, fireplace demolition. Thank you for following along on our outdoor project. Hoping I can offer insight into your next project.

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    1. Hi Joe! If you liked this one, you will love an upcoming post where we demolish our 12 ft outdoor fireplace…that was fun to watch! Thanks for visiting!

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