PaperWhite Blooms for the Holidays

If you aren’t familiar with these fragrant beauties, let me tell you a bit about the delicate blooms. 

Last year I wrote a post about these beautiful flowers Christmas Indoor Blooms – PaperWhites Ready for the Holidays. It was the first time I had owned them, and I loved them so much, I am making an even larger planter this year.

fullsizeoutput_76ddTypically for the holiday season, I would have several Amaryllis planters, which are stunning red flowers. But there is something about the delicate white blooms and the amazing fragrance of the PaperWhite that has me hooked.

HFhEyN%GRRGRvuggd9zyQgI found these bulbs at Home Depot for $7 a box. Each box has 3 bulbs.

LpGV9Q4rQrmtiJycFSK28gI am using a large footed ceramic planter to hold the bulbs.

bzkZlb00QgnkcPAx7CAThe kit I purchased has a planting disk included, when mixed with water expands.

ddy2ioGCTWy+fppkR8c8MAI broke up the planting agent and spread it on the bottom of my bowl.

fullsizeoutput_9007After adding more soil to my container, I placed the 9 bulbs in the bowl, leaving 1/4 of the bulb exposed.

fullsizeoutput_9005Placing the planter in a bright room and keeping the soil moist will result in beautiful blooms in time for Christmas. When the flowers starts to appear, I will move the planter to a less sunny spot to prolong the delicate blooms.

You can get 10 bulbs for a great price HERE. Happy Planting!

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