“Home Wine Cellar” – One Room Challenge – Week 6 The Final Reveal

After 6 short weeks, the time has come for the final reveal of our Wine Cellar or Wine Room! Wow, the time passed quickly. I am thrilled to show you our new space and hope we can inspire you to build your own cellar, wine room, or wine closet.

For a full video tour of the new wine cellar check out my Youtube channel.



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The One Room Challenge™ is a biannual event every April and October and is currently in its fourteenth season. Each round, twenty design bloggers take the challenge and transform a space. Every Wednesday, the designers document their process while sharing their sources and professional advice over six weekly posts.

The ORC has teamed up with Better Homes and Garden HERE to bring you this highly anticipated event.


We have come a long way in 6 weeks and completed a space that has been sitting empty in our home for years. We always dreamed one day that we would build a wine cellar as a place to relax and hang out with friends, as we do tastings of wine and bourbons while nibbling on cheese and crackers.

Our dream could not have been realized without the help of Wine Cellar Innovation. We selected Wine Cellar Innovations to design our space and build our racks after a lot of research into wine cellar companies. Wine Cellar Innovations has the expertise to design a space that fit our vision, lifestyle, and most importantly – our budget!

Our design expert, Luis Rodriguez, worked with us each step of the way to custom build a cellar that incorporated our room specifications and our budget (did I already mention that)? Building a wine cellar can get very expensive very quickly, but the racks at Wine Cellar Innovations are VERY affordable and easy to assemble (which is HUGE)! To make the assembly process even easier, Wine Cellar Innovations included a nail gun free of charge and offer free shipping on most items!

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Before Pictures of the Wine Cellar

Let’s take a look at the before picture of the room, and see how it was used before it became a wine cellar. The prior owner built the room as a place to smoke. We started our conversion by removing all the exhaust equipment and ventilation system.

IMG_0027This is the entrance to the room. The black cabinets which housed the exhaust equipment on the left and right sides near the entrance were ripped out and converted into shelves. Notice the bottom panel on the tile floor, the room really is air tight and was sealed to be a smoking room.

IMG_0028Prior to us owning the home, it was being used as a place to gather, smoke and chill. It seems to us, the intent of the room when it was built by the original owner was to house a future wine cellar, and we are so happy to see that vision come to life.

Wine Cellar Reveal

Come inside my friends and take a tour.

2RRdSXVJRpGeVoBayLd4LwWe painted the door to the cellar, the same color we painted the bar cabinets in our “Basement Bar Remodel” ORC “Final Reveal”. The area is now cohesive and the colors flow together.

Zy+ouuA8SEueE3o+AmJclQThe door has a little peek thru with a view into the cellar.

RAxCSGrwRRWD%TmsBS6fBwWe utilized the bumped out spaces, which held the ventilation equipment, to house wine refrigerators and shelving.

5ngV9JlnSkSTCl1CcHQWe customized the space to fit wine crates and half sized beverage centers similar HERE.

gE3EmS0JSOSXElBQRaPxPQThe focal wall is the wall you see as you walk into the cellar. The racks are 8 ft high.

RuFW7cXyQ6iBl0nofEODsQThis diamond shape custom bin is double deep and adds the perfect amount of dimension to the focal wall.

9F7PKIFoRfyDTs5Y3YqxbAWanting to retain views of the stone, the side racks are counter height. We wanted a variety of racks in our design and Wine Cellar Innovations delivered!

iXD9yCn8SLWKgp91U3AsSQThe wall junction boxes were already in the room, we added long rustic iron sconces with fabric shades from Restoration Hardware.

3p35F%oaQ3usuMMY4UWT3AThe Orb chandelier is also from Restoration Hardware, you can find a similar one HERE.

8%AibNtfT8OFVzLp5P8oYAThe adjustable bar height table and stools are from Arhaus. They are super sturdy, heavy and made from reclaimed elm. You can find a similar table HERE and stools HERE.

fullsizeoutput_9019I love the rustic iron on this beauty.

fullsizeoutput_901cWe added a center junction box in the middle of the room, to hang the chandelier.

CH8plISeT62+5USpsDfymwThe wooden WINE sign comes from Home Goods .

PRKXixHMR+Sr0eU1bsiIXAThis fun candelabra insert is from Frontgate HERE and fits into any standard wine bottle.

f4etf7eBSKqgpPp%YCsm5AThe back wall has two sections of racks, one on each side of the door.

yILAoDN4RCKuu3SY+b+D8gAs you can see, we haven’t filled all the space on the racks with wine and probably won’t come close. Our plan is to add a flat board to the bottom of these back racks and use them to display our many bourbons. I will update you when we get this done, we ran out of time and weren’t able to do it for the reveal.

Hj2hdPxPSTWXcBJMWvAB0gWe added strips of LED lighting HERE under the display racks to highlight special bottles. We purchased our lights from Home Depot but you can find them way cheaper on Amazon. They are dimmable, have a remote and have multiple color options. They attach very easily to the wood with a tape backing.

sm6EJ+kQRsiPNm4b+34fVwThe LED tape lighting can be cut into specific lengths to fit any design.

RDDIMr7FQqi6YzOamKYNhADid I mention my hubby likes bourbon?

fullsizeoutput_901aIt was important for us to have display racks to do bourbon tastings, this corner rack works perfectly.

hYVpNq+fSCSgHjcCWSlkAgWe, (my husband) built the small cubby spaces on the corners of each wall to hold small wine crates. They can be used for storage and slide in and out.

oXZ68jSxQMuXc612t4wLswWe got most of our wine crates from Total Wine HERE. They sell them for $5 a box, way cheaper than anywhere else…which sell one crate for $30 and up.

fullsizeoutput_9037Flickering candles are a perfect accent to the cellar.

fullsizeoutput_9035 The “tasting center” holds 30 oversized wine glasses.

fullsizeoutput_9036And provides additional space for bottles, candles, or a cheese board. My niece bought me this candle a while back and I always loved it.

fullsizeoutput_9038Our good friend Justin, brings over his signature wine when he comes to visit. It deserves a distinguished space on the center display rack.

tVpjg4vSQCWMPyuwwUYoyQAnother reason we chose Wine Cellar Innovations was the option to order 8ft high racks. Many other companies we looked at did not offer this option. WCI offers racks in 6 ft, 7ft, and 8ft. We built our system with 8ft racks and my husband added additional boards to fill in the space to the ceiling. We have 8.5 ft ceilings in the cellar.

B%fMhLiwRsqb9DfUa+ByOwAll trim and crown molding was included in the price of the racks.

zKMCTzEoRCuw6+jJyl7xVQThe counters come with a rounded edge to finish off the space…also included.

3cePSRH%R1GOfB10ef2TrwWe chose to order our racks in a natural pine finish.

fullsizeoutput_9039The corner rack is perfect for additional display of bottles.

fullsizeoutput_903cAnyone care for a tasting?

cEq+34zoT2WqFdLsfqoJnQLastly, we purchased a signature wine opener from Frontgate HERE. It has a heavy granite base, comes in a couple different finishes and fits our decor perfectly.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of our cellar. We are thrilled with our new space, and look forward to spending time in the room. In case you are wondering, the cellar was built to hold 2000 bottles of wine. Yes, way more than we will ever own, but we will have fun trying to fill the room 🙂

This season of the One Room Challenge is coming to an end, but I will be back next Spring with another fun project!

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.

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18 thoughts on ““Home Wine Cellar” – One Room Challenge – Week 6 The Final Reveal

  1. This room is amazing! You’ve got me itching for some bourbon tasting and it’s not even 9am 🙂 We actually just purchased a home and there is a room in the basement that we are convinced was used as a smoking room – which I didn’t even know was a thing! You’ve got me thinking about what we can turn it into….

    Congrats on finishing the ORC!

    1. Good Morning, so happy you stopped by! Thank you, we are so happy the room is done. It was definitely worth the time, effort and cost. I’m so glad I inspired you in thinking about your own cellar or wine room.

  2. Wow Denise. What a perfect room to have & you & John did a fantastic job making it so beautiful. Now we know why we can’t find Angels Envy anywhere. We have to look for it every time we go to Atlanta. Watch out for Keith if he comes over with a big trench coat!! That is one of his favorite!! And all we have in our house is Gene’s home brewery!! You have to win first place for that make over!!

    1. Hi Donna! Thank you!! It was a lot of work..especially on Jon’s part but it turned out beautifully we are very happy with the room 🙂 You are right, Angles Envy is so hard to find in Virginia, we picked up a case on a recent trip to the Distillery in Kentucky! And many bottles of the Rye bourbon too, we never see that in Virginia! You’ll have to come over for a tasting!

  3. I mean, honest to God, I am amazed by what you did with that space. It looks GREAT. And duly noted the originality (and smarts :-)) of where you put the refrigerators, thereby absolutely maximizing the space. You deserve to win the one-room challenge. I cannot imagine that anyone else did more with the space they had.

    1. Awww thanks Joe 🙂 Your kind words mean a lot! It was Jon’s brilliant idea to utilize those inside nooks for fridges, I give him complete credit. Maybe I will win on originality, with about 300 guest participants I am the only wine cellar 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

  4. This wine cellar is stunning! Love, love, love all the details you put into this space. I know it must have been a ton of work but wow, it’s just gorgeous. Congratulations for finishing the ORC. Everything is really beautiful. Hugs, CoCo

    1. Thank you so much CoCo, so nice of you to comment! We are happy to have this project behind us, it was a big one for sure.

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