Step by Step Guide to Creating a Christmas Floral Arrangement

Are you looking to put together a Christmas arrangement to take to a holiday party or family gathering? I’ll show you how easy it is to create a simple Winter arrangement.

You have heard me talk about the floral design class I am taking, and last week we created a Winter centerpiece. Let me guide you through the process to show you how easy it can be to create your own arrangement.

The following tools are needed to make this arrangement:

  • Foam brick
  • Container
  • Floral tape
  • Thorn stripper
  • Shears
  • Greens
  • Flowers
  • Filler
  • Accents (optional)

VJOpzB34SQmS7OcPS9Qa2wYou will need a foam brick HERE, make sure it is the type that absorbs water instantly.

2MRFy2plTdCnOQeB3trlfQSoak the foam in a bucket or sink full of water. Place the foam in the water and allow it to soak up the water and sink to the bottom on its own. Resist the urge to push the foam into the water! It’s tempting…I know 😉

When your foam is fully saturated, place it in the container. The holes of the foam should face downward.

+9AUmz5NREGCiNKh2hFjdQYou will also need a good pair of clippers, I just purchased these HERE and love them. They came as a recommendation from my floral design instructor, but they are a bit pricey.

The greens I am using for this arrangement are juniper, pine, cypress, and noble fir.
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fullsizeoutput_9294The flowers I am using are carnations, alstroemerias, wax flower, hypericum, and eucalyptus.

XB+aJdXQS9CLO5mldiTfWgAs an additional design accent, I am adding in a few pinecones and cardinal birds.

lTxfhy00RxeofYYPZ2ri+AThese pinecones already have picks attached to them, you can find them HERE.

8Y16uLpzTaqfHFIrRUKZbAUsing floral tape HERE, secure the foam to your container.

RFFciWM8QzGw3sF+SuvwgABegin cutting pieces of noble fir and use a thorn stripper HERE to remove the needles on the bottom of the tips.

zLlGps4mRI+epA9LyYfuHgI used a single white candle in the center of my arrangement. I attached and angled several single tips on the sides of the foam and angled 2 larger pieces of noble fir on the top of the foam.

GAJaOGvhSc6WqOwnoPFr2AThen I added in a few pieces of juniper with berries.

1cPEUHf%SuGgPO+rQVl9cwI randomly used small pieces of juniper and placed them throughout the centerpiece. Did you know juniper is the primary botanical used to make gin? Interesting little factoid.

Small pieces of cypress are also used in the centerpiece but if you have allergies, you may want to skip the cypress, it is an allergen and many people are allergic to it since it creates pollen.

zjrROFS0RtGeM099C85quQThen, add in a few small pieces of pine needles, use the thorn stripper to remove the ends.

SgeMVKCGTieCuzaqSNf7swThe flowers come next. Remember to use an odd number of flowers, we used 5. Place them around the foam, couple on the side, and a couple on top..make sure to angle them.

8ZYN1tu%RtmjHuGfz%nKBgAdd in the alstroemerias, one flower at a time…instead of adding the bunch. They bend easily so be careful when inserting them into the foam.

Hl4gXi1BRKij93jTGvG3yAAdd in wax flower as filler.

4QAoNSqhS+eNFOeSRkMNKwAdd in additional pine and cypress as needed until you have filled all gaps in the foam.

7mmVt5qJQVG1zWA+JQRc4gAdd in a couple hypericum berry clusters and more filler.

Another interesting little factoid – did you know St. John’s Wort is derived from hypericum? St. John’s Wort is used to treat depression and anxiety.

tAV7BeIyQyiL+MvT%9k7vQIt takes a while to fill all the gaps, add small pieces of pine around the candle to fill the centerpiece out. I also added in 2 pieces of eucalyptus, make sure to use just the tips, so you will need two pieces which will give you 2 tips.

fullsizeoutput_9295Top the centerpiece off with three cardinals HERE and a trio of small silver ornaments, and a few strands of ting ting HERE. Yea..that was a new word for me too 🙂

fullsizeoutput_92f4You can check out more pictures of how I used the centerpiece in Christmas Dining Room Home Tour 2018.

xxjuBk3PTYC2OlomQJ1FPwI hope you gained some insight and picked up a few tips for making a Winter arrangement of your own.

fullsizeoutput_93e4See you next time!

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