Christmas Dining Room Home Tour 2018

Having a puppy in the house is taking a lot of time, but our golden retriever’s little adorable self is worth the effort. Have you seen his pictures on Instagram HERE?

I finally found time to decorate our Dining Room and put together a Christmas Tablescape. More often than not, I don’t have a clear vision in mind for my holiday tables until I stumble upon a key element that makes that lightbulb in my head go poof!!

I did however, start planning last year for my dining room decor and grabbed some great after Christmas sales. I do so much shopping online these days…just watching and waiting can result in big savings.

Come into my dining room and I’ll show you around. I have to warn you before we start that I took a lot of pictures!!! So prepare yourself and get comfortable…you may want to grab a cup of coffee before we start 😉

fullsizeoutput_9359You hear so much about neutral decor these days, and neutral decorating. Many bloggers won’t use orange in their Fall decor or Red in their Christmas decor. As much as I love neutral decor too…I just can’t get away from “Red” for Christmas.

fullsizeoutput_92bdThe color red is associated with love, passion, and desire. Red just speaks to me at Christmastime and I will always have some red in my home during the holidays.

fullsizeoutput_934cThis year, the color red is gracing our dining table.

Er%5YVTmSb+WcRA30bvsmQAs much as I love red…I love white equally. You know those after Christmas sales I mentioned?

fullsizeoutput_92beLast year I bought lighted birch garland, like this one HERE. This garland is draped across my dining room table and with little twinkling white lights, it just speaks to me…it whispers I’m LIT! (pun intended for your added enjoyment ;))

fullsizeoutput_92adIn my prior post, How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Ribbon I revealed my obsession with ribbon. I have another obsession I feel the need to disclose to you….I am a bit obsessed with napkin rings.

+oMYnLFXTJ2AeF3rDml4uAFor a few bucks, a napkin ring can change the look of your whole table. You can use the same plates, same silverware, same place mats, but adding a new napkin ring creates a new look! That’s the bomb!

o6gmswBGQLiTgm8SOvDv2gWhen I saw these beauties from Pier 1 HERE, I grabbed all they had…and at 25% off…just couldn’t resist. They are so pretty and HEAVY!! It has all the Christmas colors I am looking for red, white, green, gold and are super versatile…that’s a win win in my book.

fullsizeoutput_933fBesides being chunky and heavy, they are big in size and look stunning with white napkins, also from Pier 1 HERE. These napkin rings were my inspiration for the tablescape.

fullsizeoutput_92e2Do you all check out thrift stores? Never used to…but lately…ummm well…I have been popping my head into a thrift store here and there. That is where I purchased these glass candlesticks.

fullsizeoutput_92eeWith gold accents and varying sizes, I knew they would look lovely on my table.

fullsizeoutput_92d4The centerpiece? My latest creation from the floral design class I am taking. I will share more details on how to make this centerpiece next week.

fullsizeoutput_92d7I love the look of our natural wood table and the white birch garland lining the center, makes it looks a bit rustic and yet refined.

Hg1qFXXIRr+6AIDPkp0bPAI have been experimenting with our chairs lately. In A Transitional Thanksgiving to Christmas Dinner, I used our dining room chairs in the kitchen and here I am using our kitchen chairs in the dining room. Changing things around is always fun and sometimes it just works out beautifully 🙂

xxjuBk3PTYC2OlomQJ1FPwBesides the garland, I am using lighted white birch tree branches HERE and have them in tall glass containers with rocks.

CRKyBBOwRRm8RpLxnEWIUQA white birch wreath HERE is hanging on my mirror and is battery operated. I am attaching the wreath to the mirror using these hooks HERE.

8CeSsAhoQtWLAIXtsMHgTgThis year for the first time I found white poinsettia plants. The leaves are really white…not the yellowish hue I am used to seeing this time of year.

fullsizeoutput_930aMy paper whites are beginning to bloom, check out PaperWhite Blooms for the Holidays.

fullsizeoutput_9311Notice the trees in the reflection? More about those trees next week!

fullsizeoutput_9312The candles on the table are a combination of votive candles HERE and no flame candles HERE.

fullsizeoutput_931dThe gold glass chargers and plates are from Hobby Lobby HERE, just love them. I can change them up to create different looks – how you ask – by using a different napkin and napkin ring!

fullsizeoutput_9334Finding good flatware that is affordable and nice looking can be tricky, check this set out HERE.

fullsizeoutput_9332The lovely white and gold placemats…also from you guessed it..Hobby Lobby HERE are perfect with the chargers and gold rimmed plates.

fullsizeoutput_9328Buying replacement candles is one thing I never think of when I am in a store, I order mine HERE. I use 10 inch white candles and like the look of dripping wax 🙂

fullsizeoutput_9339This year I decided not to put a Christmas tree up in the Dining Room like I did previously in Christmas Dining Room Home Tour  but instead that Christmas tree is in the foyer..stay tuned for that post next week.

We have come to the end of our dining room Christmas Tour. For other Christmas Room inspiration check out Sunroom Christmas Tour and Our Christmas Kitchen Home Tour.

Are you finished your Christmas Decorating? Drop me a line, I love hearing from my readers.

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9 thoughts on “Christmas Dining Room Home Tour 2018

  1. You’ve done a fabulous job on your dining room! I love those little lights come together with the shimmering gold. I think your decor is neutral enough and I considered the red flowers and pillows as just an ascent.

    1. Hi Mel! Thanks so much. I just adore red for Christmas and have to have sprinkles of it throughout my home. Hope you are doing well with your holiday decorating.

  2. Everything is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your ideas and sources!

    I love the birch limb garland. The link is to an electric plug in garland – do you have a floor outlet?

    Again thank you for sharing your decorating talent and photos!

    1. Thank you Patti! I do not have a floor outlet, but the cord is long enough to reach the outlet on the side wall. It looks so pretty. Thanks for stopping in.

  3. Lighted birch garland! I had no idea such a thing existed so I must run out and look for some right now! I have not seen that in Canada, just the birch trees which I love. We do not have Hobby Lobby here, just Michael’s. I really try not to look at Christmas decorations anymore as I have so many I don’t use but it is weakness of mine, esp the after Christmas sales. I’m also a sucker for napkins and napkin rings. The red in the centrepiece adds just the right festive touch to a very elegant table.

    1. Sounds like we have a lot in common! I can’t stay away from Christmas decor either…just love it and with new things coming out every year…I’m hooked for life! Try Amazon for the birch garland…they have everything! Happy holidays sweet friend.

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