7 Tips to Setting an Intimate Spring Table

Setting an intimate table for 2 or more? Follow my 7 tips for creating the perfect atmosphere.

Creating a romantic and intimate setting is all about the details. Any space can be made into a quaint area with the proper setting.

A dining room is a good place to begin creating that setting, since it typically is a separate room from the rest of the house, in more traditional homes.

wdcmyBe0SbOKaJ+bPBPQEgA dining room by definition is a room in the house where meals are eaten. I think many of us don’t use our dining rooms everyday but save it for special occasions. I am guilty of that too. So I am sharing 7 tips to create an intimate and romantic setting in any room of the house.

7 Tips to Setting an Intimate Spring Table


Tip #1- Mood Lighting

Using the dining room to create an intimate space is ideal. Dining rooms are common areas to use dimmers on the chandelier, creating mood lighting perfect for an intimate gathering. We use dimmers HERE in many of our rooms, and love the fact that they can be controlled by our voice using Amazon’s Alexa HERE.

You can read more about voice controlled lighting and devices in How to Remotely Control Your Christmas Lights from Anywhere.

GRqnFTgCTSOXCvmyx5zwwgAdding sconces to the walls in a dining room adds ambiance as well. Ours are separately controlled from the chandelier, so we can have only the chandelier or only the sconces on, or have them both on at the same time.


Tip # 2 – Linens

To create a romantic and intimate setting, you should use fine linens on the table. A crisp, ironed tablecloth or linen placemats HERE will set the mood. White linens are the best choice for fine dining.


Tip #3 – Your Finest Place Settings

Ok friends, so this the time to bring out your best china, you know the set, the one you received for your wedding, or your grandmother’s set that was handed down to you years ago. Elegant dinnerware never goes out of style and should be used and enjoyed.

fullsizeoutput_9b06This is also the time to bring our your finest glassware. Those gorgeous crystal goblets that sparkle so beautifully on the table.

fullsizeoutput_9b04I adore our Waterford Glasses and Goblets HERE, drinking wine out of crystal creates a special feeling that just adds to that intimate feel of the room.

fullsizeoutput_9afeNot only did I break out the crystal red and white wine glasses, but also my Waterford bowl and candlesticks HERE.

Notice my favorite ginger jars SIMILAR HERE on the console table? You have heard me talk about them for sometime, I still enjoy them daily.

fullsizeoutput_9abeThese crystal bowls HERE are spectacular. The shine and intricate cuts of the crystal are amazing.

fullsizeoutput_9af1And the light reflection from the crystal makes the whole room sparkle.

fullsizeoutput_9b4dI was so thrilled when I found these sparkly napkin rings HERE that compliment the crystal and china perfectly. And we can’t forget that every perfect place setting has beautiful elegant flatware HERE that exudes romance.


Tip # 4 – Dessert

Every romantic dinner has a decedent dessert to end the meal. This can be a homemade cake, pie, or fruit tart. Desserts are a great way to add color to your beautiful table as well.

fullsizeoutput_9ac1The blueberries of the dessert coordinate with the blue china pattern and napkins.

fullsizeoutput_9b4eI chose a cheesecake for this setting and topped it with blueberries.


Tip # 5 – Accessories

Adding a few accessories to the table makes a grand statement. Bring out your silver teapot, creamer, and sugar cup, more items to be celebrated and enjoyed.


Tip # 6 – Flowers and more Flowers

My absolute favorite addition and a must to any beautiful intimate table is flowers. Roses, carnations, hydrangeas, pick your favorite, fresh flowers add color and romance to any table. Choose a low centerpiece for the table so you will still be able to see and talk to those sitting across from you.

fullsizeoutput_9ab1In addition to the hydrangeas in the center of the table, I added a garden basket to the side console. This is an area of the room where a tall arrangement works well, especially against a wall, not obstructing the view of anything else.

fullsizeoutput_9ab2A collection of carnations, tulips, daffodils, spray roses, iris, and greenery make a beautiful Spring basket.


Tip # 7 – Candles

Lastly, we can’t forget perhaps the most romantic addition to a table…candles. The soft flicker of candles brings ambiance to any setting.

fullsizeoutput_9ad4Make sure to use unscented candles on the table, so the scent doesn’t compete with the aroma of the food.

fullsizeoutput_9b4cThis was one of my favorite table arrangements to date , I had so much fun putting it all together.

fullsizeoutput_9b39If you are wondering if we will use it…yes definitely for an intimate dinner party.

TSW3Xy41SEydvBbwBTVIxgDo you use your dining room everyday or just for special occasions? I would love to hear from you.

I would also like to share a link from one of my friends who wrote a very detailed post about setting a beautiful and formal table HERE. Barbara is fairly new to blogging and she shares great entertaining and decorating tips on her blog. Head on over to check it out, I bet you will like Barbara’s blog as much as I do.

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  1. The dessert really does add color and that spring basket floral
    Arrangement is amazing (and seriously – I see fresh flower arrangements every week and so that one is just original and all
    Spring like)
    Another takeaway is the calming cool colors and the sparkle napkin rings are just fun.

    1. Thank you for the detailed comments! I appreciate all the kind words. I put together the basket early last week and it still looks beautiful 🙂

    1. Isn’t Barbara’s blog fun? I have broken some of the rules myself ☺️ So glad you checked it out.

    1. Right?! I think he looks bigger in pictures than real life. While he has grown quite a bit, he’s only 35 pounds, he will double or triple probably 😬 Thank you for the kind words, I had fun doing it 😘

      1. OMG! 😬 I hope Bentley won’t get that big…yikes! Even at 35 pounds, the pulling on the lease is tough😩. It’s a work in progress I guess.

    1. Thank you, that’s very kind of you. I enjoy crystal very much, drinks taste better out of crystal 😉

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