How to Assemble an English Garden Basket

If you want to make a Spring floral arrangement, you may want to consider an English Garden Basket, it looks as if the flowers were lifted right out of a garden.

Spring is almost here and what better way to grace your Easter table than with a Spring Garden Basket. It’s easier than it looks, with the proper tools of course 🙂

In my recent post 7 Tips to Setting an Intimate Spring Table, I used my garden basket in the dining room. It is a bright and cheery way to dress up my side board and bring color into the room. I am going to show you the simple steps to create an English Garden Basket.

How to Make a Spring Garden Basket

Choose your favorite flowers, looking for a variety of tall, short, large, small, and multi colored florals.

nv9M+PELQXa5F3qWvCRzwQI used the following materials for my Spring Basket:

  • Floral Basket lined with plastic HERE
  • Instant Floral Foam HERE
  • Floral Tape HERE
  • Shears HERE
  • Spray Roses
  • Mini White Carnations
  • 5 Large Red Carnations 
  • 3 Daffodil Stems
  • 3 Pink Tulips
  • Casino Filler
  • 3 Iris Stems
  • Greenery
  • Live Sheet Moss HERE
  • Spanish Moss HERE
  • Pussy Willow Stems (optional)

Cut the Foam

It is important to use the proper kind of foam for your arrangement. Using instant floral foam is the easiest, it takes only seconds to absorb water. Place the foam in a bucket of water with the holes facing downward and let it soak the water in, resist the urge to push the foam into the tempting as it may be.

4m4dDVKjQtWLZT6Zsgu5xgThe trick to having a beautiful floral basket is to make sure that your foam is sticking approximately 2 inches above the rim of the basket. This may require you to use 2 pieces of foam or one and a half pieces to create an extra layer…depending on the height of your basket. Having those extra inches allow you to insert flowers on the sides and create a fuller centerpiece.

Use Floral Tape to Secure the Foam

IYtRH9eQSla47IcCI3bzUAIt is also important that the basket is lined with plastic. A floral basket will come with a plastic liner. Use floral tape to secure the foam in place, and wrap the ends of the tape around the corner of the basket.

Green the Container

6bk4YZkwTZiaQvgibdVuagI started my basket by greening my container with fern. I added a couple pieces of fern to the top foam brick and inserted 5 carnations at different angles and heights.

A little trick I learned about carnations…if you buy ones that are closed up, you can gently brush the flower with the palm of your hand to spread them open.

Insert the Stems Carefully into the Foam

iwToiRCYQwmOs4IppuQThen use a bamboo stick or other instrument to make a hole for the daffodils. Trying to force a stem into the brick can sometimes cause it to break, so it’s important to make a hole in the foam before inserting delicate stems.

Fpj5H2p+RTmJNZTHsdm9YANext comes 3 Iris stems, followed by the tulips.

FyMKfQ5yTQG1hKHpNcI0WgI inserted 2 groups of spray roses. One group high, and one low and kept them bunched together.

fullsizeoutput_9aa9.jpegNext came the mini white carnations, which I separated and used individually throughout the arrangement. Then I added in casino floral filler (small purple wild flowers) and sections of greens.

Use Sheet Moss to Cover the Foam

fullsizeoutput_9aceTo cover the edges and the foam, I used live sheet moss. Make sure to dip it in water before using and secure it to the foam with floral pins if necessary.

aQX30GOWT2eOdVk+V5+NZQA couple pussy willow stems complete the basket!

Add Spanish Moss to cover the Tape

fullsizeoutput_9b2bA bit of dry spanish moss hanging down the side of the basket is also an attractive look and covers the floral tape. Now you have a beautiful Spring English Basket to use in any room of your home. Happy Spring my friends 🌺

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  1. My Garden Club is coming the 26th of March. What a beautiful table arrangement for the foyer. Thank you for the step by step instruction and your delightful post.

    1. Hi Sandra, you are very welcome! How exciting, you must be looking forward to your Garden Club..that means Spring has finally arrived! Woohoo!💃

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